July 2007

Webster dictionary explains the meaning of corruption as
1. impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle, depravity
2. decay, decomposition
3. inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)
4. a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct.

Where as world bank’s conventional definition of corruption is ”the ‘abuse of public office for private gain”. Liberating ourselves from the way World Bank wants us to think, if we stick to the broader and a more meaningful meaning of Corruption, as noted in the Webster, I believe corruption is not definitely something that was created during last 15 years of democracy.

For the sake of time and space I’ll confine myself to the most recent history of our political geography and will start on June 23rd. June 23 of 1757 was the day when general Mir Zafar betrayed his leader Nabab Shiraj ud Doula and helped Col Clive win the battle of Plassey. I don’t know whether Mir Zafar stole money from the exchequer, but I know, for sure, that his act of treachery/ corruption sold the independence of Bengal to East India Company.

Then we saw repeat of this history many times, Mir Zafars kept on returning on every act of the political theater of Bengal. British Raj created a Babu class who will act against the interest of their creed and the country for materialistic benefits. Material benefit drove people to sacrifice their loyalty, allegiance, virtue all throughout the history.

In Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s literature, you would not be able to finish a full sentence without getting the description of dozen of different flora, starting from the century old shade trees to the little grass flower. Bibhutibhushan was the master in bringing up the real nature of Bengal in his letarature. As clearly depicted by Bibhutibhushan, an exceedingly lively nature and rich biodiversity made the landscape of Bangladesh.

 Several years ago, I had an opportunity to travel to the Chimbuk hill at BandarBan hilly district. While I expected a visual commentary of Bibhutibhushan, I was shocked and saddened to see an indiscriminate massacre of nature. The arakan mountain range that runs parallal to the coast line through Chittagong or the more intimidating landscape of the hill tract districts used to be home of dense lush green rain forest and was inhabited by an amazing range of creatures. Wild elephants used to roam along the foot of the hills in dense jungle, they also used to have leopards, porcupines, gibons, orang otangs, deers, bears, pythons, Nil Guy etc. Now-a-days, this dense green rainforest has turned into governments fruit gardens.

For many decades, there have been government programs of planting fruit trees along all the rainforests and to accomodate more fruit trees there have been more felling of trees that were meant to be there naturally.

Tagore wrote, “Oi Maloti lota dole, pial o toru ro kole”. As both  Maloti lota and pial toru are not lucrative, they have to give way for Ipil Ipil trees or amra gardens.


News #1 Major General Sina Ibn Jamali is tipped to become president of Bangladesh Cricket Board, currently headed by agriculture secretary M Abdul Aziz. 

News #2  The director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), Brigadier General Sarkar MA Matin, has been made director of the Directorate of Drug Administration (DDA), the establishment ministry said Thursday.

News #3 The ministry also issued a circular on the appointment of Bangladesh Air Force squadron leader Md Moniruzzaman Hawlader as counsellor of the labour wing of Bangladesh Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

News #4 Major Rakibul Hasan of Bangladesh Army has been appointed to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission as deputy director. 

News #5 Lt general Hasan Mashud Chowdhury is appointed chairman of Anti corruption commission.

News #6 New appointments were made in the top posts of Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ), BTRA (Bangladesh telecommunication Authority), BRTA (Bangladesh road transportation authority). And all the new appointees are generals.

News #7 For the first time in the history, even an election commissioner was selected from the ranks of the retired military community. 


Are military bureaucrats better, more efficient, more honest than civil bureaucrats? I’ll put a list of retired  civil and military bureaucrats and let you judge by their long lasting contribution to the country as well as their reported corruption. This list is just a snapshot or random sampling. Please fill me in with more names if you think that would change any general stereotyping or skew the results.      


Civil bureaucrats

Ex CSP Mjibul HaqJustice Shahabuddin AhmedJustice abu Sayeed ChowdhuryJustice Habibur Rahman EX CSP MK AnwarEx CSP HT ImamEx CSP Abu SayedDr M Ibrahim ( Founder of BIRDEM)Dr Nurul Islam ( National Professor)EX CSP Dr. Akbar Ali KhanEx CS Dr Sadat Hossain  

Military bureaucratsGeneral MAG Osmani Lt General HM  ErshadM Gen Mahmud Hassan ( Ershad Minister, fuler moto pobitro choritro)Maj Gen Z A Khan Air Vice Marshall Altaf Hossain ChyLt Gen NasimLt Gen Nuruddin KhanMaj Gen Majidul HaqCol MostafizMaj Gen Mannaf ( Ershad’s minister)Maj Gen Tareq ( Ex DGFI, later sheikh Hasina’s body guard)


Weekly 2000 is a weekly that belongs to the house that publishes two other famous daily, The Daily Star and highest circulated vernacular daily ProthomAlo. Although I personally still believe in Editor/Publisher Mr Mahfuz Anam, overall, I am shocked at the shameless reactionary stand, ill-motive of this group to promote certain agenda of this military backed mystery government. This cover story is another example of the arrogance, dirty political activism and biased yellow journalism lately coming out of this media house. Otherwise why this media house will promote Mannan Bhuiyan so shamelessly? Did this precocious editor Golam Murtaza ever have anything good to say about Ziaur Rahman? I am really intrigued why he suddenly would start worrying so much about the real image of Ziaur Rahman.

These pictures and the news relating to these pictures dominated the first pages of today’s newspapers.


This is the picture of Army Chief self promoted general Moeen reminding and lecturing the nation to respect the ‘father of the nation’ Bangabandhu. Gen Moeen was speaking at a civil meeting at gen Moeen’s home constituency at Noakhali.


And in this picture the self promoted lt General Masud, PSO, Bangladesh Army was the chief guest at a civilian high school alumni reunion in Chittagong. His rhetoric was that none with corruption charges will be spared. He also stressed that governmnet has no minus two or similar plan. ( Is lying corruption?)

While our generals occupy the front page of the newspapers, a one column news may miss your eye at the 15 the page. Khaleda Zia’s personal physician was picked up after he was leaving Khaleda Zia’s home and he is missing for the last 24 hours.

Also in the news was the continuation of public political activities of Mannan bhuiyan at his Gulshan flat. Last night Bangladesh Hindu porihad leaders visited him asked for 57 parliament seats. So already the seat distribution has started. BTW, I forgot the name of the Hindu font of jamaat i Islami. I know they have one, but I forgot the name.

Nation, rest in peace. Military has no plan to take over civilian rule.

They call the disease ” Mass Hsteria”. Suddenly groups of people, mostly young women are getting sick in a tandem. Their sickness menifests as losing consciousness, seizing/twisting/ bow like bending of the whole body, experiencing severe belly pain, burning of whole body, severe headache, temporary blindness, vomiting etc.
Experts call it mass hysteria. Simply a psychological phenomenon tempting and forcing the effected people to fake all these illness, whereas there is no real physical illness or problem. This illness has a contagious nature and people exposed to other hysteric patient are vulnerable to developing the disease themselves.
There have been a lot of discussion about this illness in Bangladesh media and advocacy groups are demanding appropriate psychological support for the school/college students.

And fortunately, it looks like that the phenomenon has already slowed down.



While this mass hysteria is on the way to a cure and elimination for the time being, we should start talking about another mass hysteria that has apparently effected the whole nation. As a result of the above mentioned mass hysteria victims suffered from bodily pain, seizure, headache etc. But this other kind mass hsyteria effecting the whole nation is presenting as hallucination and delusions. The mass hysteria effected Bangladeshi nation is hallucinating that current ruthless military government is the ultimate savours and the great emancipator. Their hysteric support for the disguised military government has reached such an extreme that they have lost their sense of judgement and rationale. However it is expected that the nation will recover from the mass hysteria quite rapidly.

The Daily Star Reports,

Setting a rare example, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday demanded immediate release of her arch political rival Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina, and regretted failure of the administration to protect her [Hasina] dignity while being taken to court.

“I am deeply disheartened to see that being a former prime minister, chief of a political party, daughter of a national leader, an aged woman as well as a distinguished citizen of the country, she [Hasina] faced a disgraceful and indecent situation on the court premises,” Khaleda said in a statement, signed by Maruf Kamal Khan, deputy press secretary to the former prime minister.

BNP leaders however said they are not aware of any such statement.

“It [indecent situation] hurt all conscious people and destroyed the image of the government both at home and abroad,” Khaleda said. The situation could have been avoided if the government would have dealt with the matter carefully and consciously, she added.

The BNP chairperson said, “I think it would be better if her [AL chief] trial is held without arresting and sending her to jail or opposing her bail prayer.”

Calling for immediate release of Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda stressed conducting the case keeping her free. It would decrease the possibility of social and political instability and confusion.

The people do not want to see chaos and disorder again which led to promulgation of ‘unexpected’ state of emergency. Extension of emergency would not however bring any good to the county, she said.

“We have to move forward toward our desired democracy. Ensuring stability and establishing national consensus are necessary for this,” Khaleda said. Everybody should be more foresighted and should exercise wisdom as the opportunity is now created.

Mentioning that none is above the law, she said nobody is also above error. And those who discharge major responsibilities of a country beset with problems have the more chances of committing errors.

Successes of politicians should not be underestimated because of their failures, the former premier observed.

“I was hurt by the illogical, non-political and indecent speeches of Sheikh Hasina against me and my family many times, and I am also hurt in the same way to see her facing unexpected behaviour,” Khaleda said.

“Accused persons may or may not be guilty. So, it is the duty of the government and administration to protect their honour and dignity,” she said. Every accused should get justice, and his/her right to defend, legal assistance and human rights should be ensured.


[ Thanks Asif for Links to this AP and AFP photos]

I am amazed at this statement. Not only because it is an unimaginable U turn in the attitude of one feuding leader towards  the other but also at the strength and quality of the statement.

It is, in my opinion, one of the best political statements in Bangladesh politics I have come across so far.

This exceedingly well crafted piece articulates its message very clearly. This piece captured an issue which was unfirtunately missed and overlooked by everybody else, even her own party colleagues. Khaleda Zia was apparently the first one to bring up the issue of the treatment extended to Sheikh Hasina at court house.

Another reason this statement carries weight is that it signals that Khaleda Zia probably is not all by herself in her struggle with the Mannan Bhuiyan gong. This statements clearly indicates that Khaleda is being advised by someone very prudent and capable in writing and promoting certain political points.

I hope she continues to get the support and good advise.

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The Daily Star reports,

Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina picked up by law enforcers

Law enforcers early today picked up former prime minister and Awami League(AL) chief Sheikh Hasina from her Sudha Sadan residence. Several hundred law enforcers had cordoned former Prime Minister and Awami League Chief Sheikh Hasina’s house in a pre-dawn raid. They entered the premises of her Dhanmondi road number 5 residence, Sudha Sadan, at around 4:50am and left the premises with AL chief around 7:30am…”A follow up report says, span class=”mainheadlink1″>“AL chief Sheikh Hasina sent to jail in an extortion case…” “AL activists were reported to be in rampage throughout the country…”BDNews24.com has a bit more details, (thanks bdfcat for the news. I am having a difficult time entering bdnews24.com)..Hasina arrested, taken to court Security forces led away Sheikh Hasina at 7:31am Monday to Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court for Dhaka after surrounding the Sudha Sadan home of the feisty Awami League president for three hours from 4:30am.Hasina was taken to the court of magistrate Kamrunnahar in an extortion case that involves about Tk 3 crore, filed by Azam J Chowdhury, managing director of Eastcoast Trading Limited, on June 13.Awami League leader Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim was also accused in the same case filed with Gulshan Police Station.“Don’t cry,” Hasin said to a crying lawyer after she arrived at the court. “They want to stop me taking part in elections,” the 59-year-old leader told lawyers.Law adviser Mainul Hosein told bdnews24.com that Hasina had been arrested on clear charges.”I heard about her arrest. She has been facing a number of cases. Awami League leaders and activists also backed the cases against her.”Awami League presidium member Motia Chowdhury told bdnews24.com: “Nobody will accept it. It’s political harassment.”When she was being led away in a dark-blue Nissan Patrol car with tinted glass, the former prime minister waved at people and smiled.span class=”mainheadlink1″>Earlier, at 4:53am she told bdnews24.com by phone, “I did no wrong, neither did my family.” As Hasina was speaking to bdnews24.com, there was a sound of knocking on the door and somebody was heard saying, “They’ve come and want to get in.” Hasina told him: “Tell them I’m coming after saying my prayers.”RAB and police sealed off all the entry points to the home and cordoned it while the policewomen went in. Several hundred RAB and police officers arrived at the Dhanmondi road no. 5 home at 4:30am, accompanied by plainclothes officers carrying ropes and pliers.

Some 50 vehicles including 15 buses, two prison vans and three ambulances waited outside the home in the wee hours amid driving rains.

“The country witnessed good governance in the five years of AL rule. Prices of essentials were under control,” the former prime minister told bdnews24.com Senior Political Correspondent Suman Mahbub. The 59-year-old leader said she had ruled the country with honesty. “I can personally say that no-one in my family nor I was involved in extortion.

In the last five years, the BNP-led government looked for our mistakes, but couldn’t find any.” “Why should we be harassed? This government is the outcome of our movement. Why would the rights of the people be revoked?” the AL chief said.

Unheard Voices is not a news service, rather it is a blog which is meant to be a forum of expressing people’s opinions and perspectives. We will not do justice to our readers if we have ended just with the news. Personally I believe that I owe my readers an opinion about this matter. It is just one month less than 32 years since all but one members of Sheikh Hasina’s extended family were murdered brutally by some military officers. The vocal noisy part of the general public cheered the brutal murder during that time. And 32 years later today we know that whatever overwhelming support was there for the August 15th mass murder, 15th August murders were by no means the right thing to do. Similarly our current government may enjoy overwhelming support and this arrest may be supported by the vocal majority. But, in my opinion, this arrest was a little beyond the reasonable scope of this government. We expected a free fair election and restructuring and empowering the constitutionl bodies of the government. We do not expect the CTG to dictate us who should be our leader and who should not be. There should have been some respect on people’s opinion and capability to choose their own leader. Sheikh Hasina apparently has been arested on corruption charges. This government is based on a mandate of dealing with corruption. But government’s credibility in handling of corruption has already been seriously tainted by its leniency on the corruption of the turncoat politicians who are reportedly working in collusion with the government to split the major political parties. I do not know whether this is the beginning of the end but I do know this is the end of the honeymoon period of this caretaker government. photo: Farjana K Godhuly, AFP

The current caretaker government of Bangladesh is doing wonderful jobs day in day out.  People asked me to write some good deeds of this government. Let me oblige. Here is one wonder our government delivered over the last week. I’ll like to return on a weekly basis about of the amazing wonders performed by this honestocrat government.

Unbelieveable improvement in treatment and rights of prisoners. 

 On 3 rd July AL GS Mr Jalil’s wife reads out a letter to the press which she claims was written by her incarcerated husband to the president and the chief Advisor. That neatly computer typed and laser printed letter, signed on July 2nd, announced Jalil’s retirement from politics, criticised Sheikh Hasina in a tone and language to other government sponsored politicians are using lately and asked for reform AKA purging of Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia from Bangladesh politics. When crooks asked questions how a prisoner could deliver that neatly composed and printed letter, the nation was informed by the authority that prison authorities helped type, proof-read and retype Mr. Jalil’s letter. Authorities, however, didn’t answer how it reached Mr. Jalil’s wife in lighting speed compared to the normal pace of Bangladesh government machinery. At this point, I feel, its worth remind the readers that in the past a court order of an approved bail petition used to take several days to week to reach the jail from the court next door, keeping innocent people in jail unnecessarily.  Authorities, also didn’t answer how a confidential letter from a prisoner to the head of the state reaches prisoner’s family. However observers are finding immense hope in such a tremendous developement in prisoners rights. Hopefully from now-on all prisoner can ask for the same one hour mail delivery service to their  family or even to the president of the country.    

To make my point, Mr. Jalil again made news yesterday. He kindly agreed to give interview to several national TV channels. He did that to refute allegations that the letter was not written by him, but by the crooks in the government.  That interview was broadcast during the national TV news last night.  But I thought Mr. Jalil is still in jail and was only transferred to a hospital for better treatment. (Other prisoners like SQ Chowdhury, Mirza Abbas etc are also in private hospitals).  This also must be another shinning example of good deeds of this government when prisoners are treated so lavishly that they can call press conference and give TV interviews from jail cell. Absolutely impressive!

Mr abdul Mannan Bhuiyan is apparently a very powerful man these days. Rumors are ripe that ex BNP stalwarts Morshed Khan, Abdullah Al Noman etc were able to leave Bangladesh for Singapore after being cleared to do so by Mr Mannan Bhuiyan. Rumors also fly around that lately Mannan Bhuiyan clearances are getting a bit expensive but it is still available for a disposable amount of money.

  And dare not anger Mr Bhuiyan. That night Mr Bhuiyan called for a press conference at his home (The indoor politics ban does not apply to him) to vent against BNP joint Secy General. Lo and behold, our armed forced (The Patriot and the protector of honesty) raided Goyeshwar Roy’s home the following morning. While Goyeshwar Roy goes into hiding, Mannan Bhuiyan receives floral bouquets from his followers (who also are apparently ex murderers, convicts and felons). Our patriotic armed forces members clear the road for this felons pass through the crowd of journalists. 

Not too long ago, another stupid dared talk bad about Mannan Bhuiyan. Brig Gen Hannan Shah. It didn’t take the armed forces to long to arrest that mindless general from his home and put him in jail along with his son.

Manan Bhuiyan must know real good magic.

[This is not my post. But I can’t help repost this comment posted in another blog.  And I also could not communicate with the author for his permission for this repost. RA]

The Moin/Fakhrudding govt has pulled a Bushie — they did the “shock and awe” bit with midnite arrests, etc alleging “WMD” (corruption) and then got stuck bcs they could not find it in many cases. This was implied with (General Hasan) Mashhud stating “.. we arrested them bcs YOU all in the media said they were corrupt…..”.

Now, desperately in search of an exit — a’la Bush — and digging a bigger hole in the process. They have resorted to framing ppl now — e.g. Giasuddin Mamun being convicted for not submitting his wealth statement, when he was already in custody, conveniently finding a gun whithin 10 min of him being taken to his house, etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for exonerating these folks — but they must be considered innocent until proven guilty — we seem to believe everything the media tells us now! (And we all know the high integrity of our papers, no ? “Journalism without fear or favor” — yeah, right!) If there are so many “solid” cases, why these blatant sham charges and trials ?

Have it from first -person accounts that charges are being filed by ppl under duress. More alarmingly, defense attorneys are being intimidated via late nite threats not to take the cases. So the “surge” strategy here seems to be — file false cases, prove them by denying due process or defense, thereby disqualifying them from future elections/power — and thereby ensuring the stooges in power now are not held accountable in the future.

Its the “cross-fire” logic all over again — how many believe those stories (please contact me — I have a couple of bridges to sell) ? Kinda ridiculous, don’t you think,  ( regarding Nazmul Huda case) that Uttara Motors would now complain of bribes when they were the sole beneficiary of the one-supplier policy, no ?

Whats really sad and disturbing is that this was the one chance we had. But what the CTG is pounding into everyone is that the only way to solve problems is thru violating all norms and laws under the pretext of “emergency”. This is the lessons they are leaving for the next regime… but wait… that is exactly what was happening before…!

Folks – wake up — the emperor is not wearing any clothes!

Fairness of criticism:

Our leaders (Current and past) always invoke the name of nation when indeed they themselves do or want something. Distancing myself from that tradition, I’ll say I do not probably reflect the voices of the majority in my criticism of this CTG. I have no hesitation to say that this government is wildly popular to all the social classes of Bangladesh.

However, I believe that the majority endorsement does not make everything sacred. It is something like extra judicial killing of RAB. That policy is also wildly popular and effective. Or if we look at US experience, we will see, when President Bush decided to invade Iraq, it was very popular move and resident Bush’s approval rating was sky high. Whatever popular Iraq invasion was, it ultimately turned out to be a very wrong move.

Being a critique of the government does not mean being an enemy of the government. An unelected government ruling a country with emergency rules, needs some critique to grab the bigger picture. Otherwise, absolute un-contested power will corrupt absolutely.

A Different Caretaker Government:

This unforeseen entity called interim caretaker government AKA military backed government AKA civil society government has completed its 6 month today. That means this government has spent double the time Justice Shahabuddin led government had in 1991. In 3 months, justice Shahabuddin successfully,

1. Reformed the administration and got rid of the dictatorial stooges.

2. Reformed the EC.

3. Kept the two feuding political parties happy and in a peaceful coexistence.

4. Started a transparent and fair trial of Ershad.

5. Conducted the most fair election in the history of Bangladesh.

6. Handed over the power to an elected government.

7. Kept the government free of any human rights abuses.


Let me quote a recent remark made by AL leader Motia Chowdhury. She made this remarks while talking about the fairness extended by the current government towards the political parties in Bangladesh especially in dealing with the government backed reformists/rebels/breakaway groups in the major two parties.  What she said, if you translate into English, will sound like, “They are supplying one side ( the government backed so called reformists/ rebels/breakaway group)  with floatation devices/ life buoys and all other support. On the other hand, blindfolding and tying the arms and legs of the  conformist group. Then the government is throwing two sides into water and asking them to swim ashore.”  One word we heard a lot during the period preceding 1/11, i.e. a demand for a level playing field. Even 1/11 changes happened and gained public support for its commitment of ensuring a fair playground for all the political parties.  So what kind of fair playground is it, when we see turncoat politician Tofael gives fiery political interviews/speeches in TV and Sheikh Hasina is barred from even receiving guests at her house?  Or how fair the playground it is when we have to bear the ugly smile at Mannan Bhuiyan’s face while he arranges daily political meeting at his house and his employer Khaleda Zia remains under house arrest?

Or how this government claims to be fair when we see corrupts like Mannan Bhuiyan, Maj Hafiz or their cohorts ZA Khan, Ashraf blabber mouthon a daily basis and Brig Hannan Shah goes to jail or all other conformst leaders scared to speak out ?

 Similarly, while Nasim/Selim goes to jail, how Tofael, Razzak, Suranjit, Amu; carrying similar corruption charges; roam around teaching politics?

Isn’t this government a neutral caretaker government? Where is the neutrrality?

The Bangalee nation as a whole is prone to getting too emotionally carried away and end up overdoing things. When General Ershad fell in 1990, the emotion of the common mass was overwhelmingly in favor of a westminister type parliamentary democracy and against a presidential system. That resulted in a constitutional ammendment to cripple the presidency into a do nothing no power guy. Over the next 15 years ( except during the CTG periods) our presidents routine was to go attend janaja prayers, pay tribute to graveyards and treat occassional visitors with tasty Bangavaban chef made Koljee-Shingara. And now after 1/11, we have a president, who although officially should have more power, has in fact much less than even what the presidents in the last 15 years had. This poor guy probably even can’t go anywhere without someone’s permission. He deserves it. Actually he deserves worse. And he reminds me of the famous/Infamous Khandkar Mustaque Ahmed (the then President) quote on 3 rd November 1975, ” Amare Chhair deo, ami Rickshaw daika Aga Mosi lane a choli la jai”. (Aga mosi lane was Khondkar Mostaque’s life long residence).


We now have a chief advisor (Prime minister equivalent), on whom the nation had high hope. But 6 months later, the question comes whether Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed, the chief advisor, is living upto the expectation. In addition to couple of speech in government electronic media, his presence were mostly limited to tree planting ceremonies and attending graves of national leaders. The nation has also seen his excellence in speech writing. He usually gives two to three hour long speeches with plenty of quotes from Tagore etc. Even in a tree planting ceremony he would deliver his Tagore studded 3 hour speech. Recently he fainted while attempting that in scorching sun in a tree planting program inTangail. It is learnt that Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed writes his own speech. He must have a lot of time in his hand after running 5 ministries on his own and supervising all other ministries and brainstorming on a political solution to the current crisis. Writing a 3 hour ( at least 30 page) speech with dozen of Tagore quotation must take a long time.

Or is it why he has just delegated 21 of his major home ministry job to home secretary who in turn again re-delegated them to the police, and the armed forces chiefs? Now in Bangladesh its like ” Amra Shobai Raja Amader e rajar Rajotte”.

Now Dr Fakhruddin can better spend his time find the right Tagore quotation for his next speech at another tree plantation ceremony.

New Political Storm

A storm is rapidly forming in Bangladesh’s political horizon. As thunders are not supposed to be heard during the winter, political storm should not form under a state of emergency. But it is happening and apparently under the direction and patronage of the people enforcing the state of emergency.

What is reform

Most striking thing about the reformniks is the similarity of the wordings, contents and style of presentation of the reform proposals. In a very brief rundown,

1. Reforms are being proposed by one leader at a time in a press conference at his home. The reformists are going distances to make it look like that it is his personal proposal. e.g. Mannan Bhuiyan didn’t allow anyone to sit beside him while reading out the proposals. Same thing was done by Tofael and Razzak.

2. All three proposals presented so far are strikingly similar. It mostly proposes removal of current leader by imposing a term limit, establishment of a joint leadership, implementation of accounting transparency etc.

3. All the proposals made sure that the current leader will be out of the scene.