A cartoon in the Daily Star During Awami league regime.

The cartoon is nice. That is not the point. The point is that if any such cartoon was drawn by the Daily Star and it’s sister concern daily Prothom Alo’s Shishir Bhattacharya on similar issue during BNP government time, among the three bad guys looting the money, you would have seen a Tarique rahman look alike, a Jamaat look alike and Safari clad man with a dark glass and a briefcase. But in this cartoon the absence of a Mujib coat is very obvious.

Another cartoon at Daily Prothom Alo, done by leading cartoonist Shishir Bhattacharya. In this cartoon too, conspicuously absent is a Mujib coat figure. This trend raises serious questions about  the social responsibility of our cartoonists.


Look at the Daily Star front page photo above. You will see someone’s photo has been cropped out from next to Michelle Obama. Now we have two question to our readers.

1. Whose photo was cropped out?
2. Why?

Spoiler alert!

The un-cropped version of the photo is over the fold…


The intellectual backbone of Ruling Awami League are their activists supporters among Dhaka University Teachers. As a part of serious infighting among these activists professors, the pro VC and treasurer ( #2 and #3 in DU leadership heirarchy) resigned  after conflict with the Vice Chancelor).

The High Judiciary, infamous for their thuggish partisanship, dirty mouth treatment of respected citizens of the country blasted the speaker of the parliament terming him illiterate and accusing him of treason.

Same day, the ruling party menbers in the parliament, including senior most treasury bench mebers, thrashed the judiciary, calling a judge sadist, pervert and demanded his immediate removal.


Over the last few years mysterious things started happening in Bangladesh. In the absence of any earthly explanation of those incidents, there has been serious concerns among informed people of Bangladesh that Bangladesh is at the recieving end of an alien invasion.

The description of the following events will prove, beyond an iota of doubt in anybody’s mind, that a barrage of attack have been unleashed on the people of Bangladesh.


Over the last few years mysterious things started happening in Bangladesh. In the absence of any earthly explanatin of those incidents, there has been serious concerns among informed people of Bangladesh that Bangladesh is at the recieving end of an alien invasion.

The description of the following events will prove, beyond an iota of doubt in anybody’s mind that , a barrage of attack have been unleashed on the people of Bangladesh.

It first started with alien kidnapping. First notable victim of such kidnap is an elected official of Dhaka city local government Mr. Chowdhury Alam. Since he went missing from Dhaka city nearly two years ago, he has never been seen again.

A closer look revealed that during this time period, Mr Alam was not the only one being kidnapped by alien. Many young men, opposition activists, stuents from Sylhet and other areas went missing. All but one of those kidnapped by the aliens never came back. The only lucky one who could come back alive, sans all the memory of the time of confinemnet, was the son of a fiery religious figure Mr. Fazlul Haque Amini. It was not clear why the aliens let Mr Hasnath, son of Maolana Amini let lose. However, this event may make a strong case in support of the theory that aliens worship the same God and they had some soft corner for the pastor Mr Amini.

Very soon, along with Kidnappings, killings started to take place. This time another local government level leader of Dhaka city from the opposite political spectrum got killed very msteriously. The aliens were so intrusive and invasive that they could easily penetrate inside the SUV of a powerful ruling party MP inside the compound of Bangladesh’s national parliament building amd kill one Mr Ibrahim in point blank range.

Not only known faces lik Ibrahim or Chowdhury Alam were being killed/ kidnapped in high profile places, mysterious killing started being noticed in all remote corners of Bangladesh like the Bay near Borguna, Joydevpur, Bhanga region of Faridpur district, Dhaleshwaree River near Munshiganj district, Ashulia/ Kuril, Pabna etc.

However one of the daing action of the alien commando forces were that of Sanaullah babu killing. Sanaullah Babu was another elected local government leader in a northern district called Natore. In this event the aliens showed their T – 1000 the nanomorph like ability to take other peoples’ shapes. During this event, which was widely recorded by multiple cameras, the aliens took the shape and look of many ruling party members of that district. Specifically the lead killer took the shape of a popular local Awami league leader Zakir.

Similarly got killed another local government leader, again this time from the opposite political base, Mr. Lokman Hossain.

The aliens did not stop in killing political activists, local government leaders only. An extremely powerful couple, both are senior TV personalities and TV journalists, were stabbed to death inside their apartment. The government could not give any earthly explanation of their gruesome murder– making it the highest profile case of the series of mindless alien assasinations taking place in Bnagladesh.

Within a very short interval, the aliens, without any reason, abducted a diplomat of Saudi Arabia stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh and killed him in a highly professional manner. This specific killing heralds a new front of attack unleashed by the aliens. The clever war planners of the alien empire knew it very well that killing of a Saudi diplomat in Bangladesh may seriously weaken the position of Bangladeshi migrant labors in Saudi Arabia and harm Bangladesh economically.

The latest incident involving the invading alien force in Bangladesh resembles robbery of Fort Knox. This time the aliens looted a big chunk of money from within the car heading to the home of a powerful minister of Bangladesh. And this brazen loot took place within the highly fortified compound of a paramilitary force of Bangladesh. This specific operation suggests growing confidence of the aliens in hitting anyone, any place anytime in Bnagladesh.


Saturday, July 2, 2013              Front Page

16th Amendment Bill Passed

Staff Correspondent

Parliament yesterday passed the 16th amendment of Bangladesh constitution amid continued boycott of parliament by the lackluster opposition. The amendment which practically inserts ” Bangabandhu Dream fullfilment act” enacted by the ‘special parliamentary committee on materialization of dreams of Jatir Pita” into the constitution with unanimous vote of 301 – 0.

As a result of this bold amendment with far reaching effects, Bangladesh will cease to exist as multiparty democracy and a national party to be named as ” Bangabandhu Dream League” ( BDL) will rule the country. This amendment has also changed Bangladesh back to a strong presidential system as prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, amid 30 minute long cheers/ kadambusi/ tears of joy of MPs, was sworn in as the 21st president of Bangladesh by the speaker at the presidential suit of the parliament. Immediately prior to the passing of the amendment, Justice ABM Khairul Haque, the current President of Bangladesh resigned his position on health grounds.

The preparatory work on 16th amendment started few weeks ago after a landmark verdict by the appeallate division of Bangladesh Supreme Court made it mandatory for Bangladesh constitution to be guided by the dreams of the founder of the state Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As the second revolution, also known as BAKSAL, was the last unfulfilled dream of Bangabandhu, senior Awami League leaders assert that per the Supreme Court verdict, establishment of the principles of BAKSAL becomes mandatory on Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina, after taking oath as president delivered a 90-minute speech to the Parliament.

President Hasina, in her speech told JS that the 16th amendment has ensured “empowerment of people, and their democratic rights and their desire to build a Bangladesh, the father of the nation dreamt of. ” She also pointed out that “People had to suffer a lot in the past. But they will not suffer in the future, as we have been able to ensure prosperity and stability through passage of the constitution amendment bill”.

The chairperson of now defunct Bangladesh Nationalist Party ( BNP), Mrs Khaleda Zia, in a fax message sent from an undisclosed location said  the AL-led ruling coalition has amended the constitution despite protests from the opposition, and by ignoring aspirations of the people. “The consequences will not be good,” she warned. She also added that the national unity party is a farce as it comprises of only Awami League leaders with miniscule presence of its ex grand alliance partners.

In a separate gazette notification, released within minutes of passing of 16th amendment, the registration of 17 political parties including Bangladesh nationalist parties and it’s allies were cancelled.

The reaction of prominent intellectuals and political analysts were mixed. Former secretary Abdar Ali Khan said that it is true that Supreme Court verdict has rightfully mandated the nation to follow the dreams of Bangabandhu and the government did not have anything to do after such a landmark eye-opening verdict. He however stressed that the former opposition should have raised their concern by joining the parliament if they had any objection. Prominent Jurist Shabdhan Malik stressed that the government could wait for the full verdict as the short order consists of only one sentence. He however heavily criticized the former opposition party BNP for not going to parliament and raise the issue.