The Bangalee nation as a whole is prone to getting too emotionally carried away and end up overdoing things. When General Ershad fell in 1990, the emotion of the common mass was overwhelmingly in favor of a westminister type parliamentary democracy and against a presidential system. That resulted in a constitutional ammendment to cripple the presidency into a do nothing no power guy. Over the next 15 years ( except during the CTG periods) our presidents routine was to go attend janaja prayers, pay tribute to graveyards and treat occassional visitors with tasty Bangavaban chef made Koljee-Shingara. And now after 1/11, we have a president, who although officially should have more power, has in fact much less than even what the presidents in the last 15 years had. This poor guy probably even can’t go anywhere without someone’s permission. He deserves it. Actually he deserves worse. And he reminds me of the famous/Infamous Khandkar Mustaque Ahmed (the then President) quote on 3 rd November 1975, ” Amare Chhair deo, ami Rickshaw daika Aga Mosi lane a choli la jai”. (Aga mosi lane was Khondkar Mostaque’s life long residence).


We now have a chief advisor (Prime minister equivalent), on whom the nation had high hope. But 6 months later, the question comes whether Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed, the chief advisor, is living upto the expectation. In addition to couple of speech in government electronic media, his presence were mostly limited to tree planting ceremonies and attending graves of national leaders. The nation has also seen his excellence in speech writing. He usually gives two to three hour long speeches with plenty of quotes from Tagore etc. Even in a tree planting ceremony he would deliver his Tagore studded 3 hour speech. Recently he fainted while attempting that in scorching sun in a tree planting program inTangail. It is learnt that Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed writes his own speech. He must have a lot of time in his hand after running 5 ministries on his own and supervising all other ministries and brainstorming on a political solution to the current crisis. Writing a 3 hour ( at least 30 page) speech with dozen of Tagore quotation must take a long time.

Or is it why he has just delegated 21 of his major home ministry job to home secretary who in turn again re-delegated them to the police, and the armed forces chiefs? Now in Bangladesh its like ” Amra Shobai Raja Amader e rajar Rajotte”.

Now Dr Fakhruddin can better spend his time find the right Tagore quotation for his next speech at another tree plantation ceremony.