Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

In Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s literature, you would not be able to finish a full sentence without getting the description of dozen of different flora, starting from the century old shade trees to the little grass flower. Bibhutibhushan was the master in bringing up the real nature of Bengal in his letarature. As clearly depicted by Bibhutibhushan, an exceedingly lively nature and rich biodiversity made the landscape of Bangladesh.

 Several years ago, I had an opportunity to travel to the Chimbuk hill at BandarBan hilly district. While I expected a visual commentary of Bibhutibhushan, I was shocked and saddened to see an indiscriminate massacre of nature. The arakan mountain range that runs parallal to the coast line through Chittagong or the more intimidating landscape of the hill tract districts used to be home of dense lush green rain forest and was inhabited by an amazing range of creatures. Wild elephants used to roam along the foot of the hills in dense jungle, they also used to have leopards, porcupines, gibons, orang otangs, deers, bears, pythons, Nil Guy etc. Now-a-days, this dense green rainforest has turned into governments fruit gardens.

For many decades, there have been government programs of planting fruit trees along all the rainforests and to accomodate more fruit trees there have been more felling of trees that were meant to be there naturally.

Tagore wrote, “Oi Maloti lota dole, pial o toru ro kole”. As both  Maloti lota and pial toru are not lucrative, they have to give way for Ipil Ipil trees or amra gardens.


News #1 Major General Sina Ibn Jamali is tipped to become president of Bangladesh Cricket Board, currently headed by agriculture secretary M Abdul Aziz. 

News #2  The director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), Brigadier General Sarkar MA Matin, has been made director of the Directorate of Drug Administration (DDA), the establishment ministry said Thursday.

News #3 The ministry also issued a circular on the appointment of Bangladesh Air Force squadron leader Md Moniruzzaman Hawlader as counsellor of the labour wing of Bangladesh Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

News #4 Major Rakibul Hasan of Bangladesh Army has been appointed to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission as deputy director. 

News #5 Lt general Hasan Mashud Chowdhury is appointed chairman of Anti corruption commission.

News #6 New appointments were made in the top posts of Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ), BTRA (Bangladesh telecommunication Authority), BRTA (Bangladesh road transportation authority). And all the new appointees are generals.

News #7 For the first time in the history, even an election commissioner was selected from the ranks of the retired military community. 


Are military bureaucrats better, more efficient, more honest than civil bureaucrats? I’ll put a list of retired  civil and military bureaucrats and let you judge by their long lasting contribution to the country as well as their reported corruption. This list is just a snapshot or random sampling. Please fill me in with more names if you think that would change any general stereotyping or skew the results.      


Civil bureaucrats

Ex CSP Mjibul HaqJustice Shahabuddin AhmedJustice abu Sayeed ChowdhuryJustice Habibur Rahman EX CSP MK AnwarEx CSP HT ImamEx CSP Abu SayedDr M Ibrahim ( Founder of BIRDEM)Dr Nurul Islam ( National Professor)EX CSP Dr. Akbar Ali KhanEx CS Dr Sadat Hossain  

Military bureaucratsGeneral MAG Osmani Lt General HM  ErshadM Gen Mahmud Hassan ( Ershad Minister, fuler moto pobitro choritro)Maj Gen Z A Khan Air Vice Marshall Altaf Hossain ChyLt Gen NasimLt Gen Nuruddin KhanMaj Gen Majidul HaqCol MostafizMaj Gen Mannaf ( Ershad’s minister)Maj Gen Tareq ( Ex DGFI, later sheikh Hasina’s body guard)