Mr abdul Mannan Bhuiyan is apparently a very powerful man these days. Rumors are ripe that ex BNP stalwarts Morshed Khan, Abdullah Al Noman etc were able to leave Bangladesh for Singapore after being cleared to do so by Mr Mannan Bhuiyan. Rumors also fly around that lately Mannan Bhuiyan clearances are getting a bit expensive but it is still available for a disposable amount of money.

  And dare not anger Mr Bhuiyan. That night Mr Bhuiyan called for a press conference at his home (The indoor politics ban does not apply to him) to vent against BNP joint Secy General. Lo and behold, our armed forced (The Patriot and the protector of honesty) raided Goyeshwar Roy’s home the following morning. While Goyeshwar Roy goes into hiding, Mannan Bhuiyan receives floral bouquets from his followers (who also are apparently ex murderers, convicts and felons). Our patriotic armed forces members clear the road for this felons pass through the crowd of journalists. 

Not too long ago, another stupid dared talk bad about Mannan Bhuiyan. Brig Gen Hannan Shah. It didn’t take the armed forces to long to arrest that mindless general from his home and put him in jail along with his son.

Manan Bhuiyan must know real good magic.