The current caretaker government of Bangladesh is doing wonderful jobs day in day out.  People asked me to write some good deeds of this government. Let me oblige. Here is one wonder our government delivered over the last week. I’ll like to return on a weekly basis about of the amazing wonders performed by this honestocrat government.

Unbelieveable improvement in treatment and rights of prisoners. 

 On 3 rd July AL GS Mr Jalil’s wife reads out a letter to the press which she claims was written by her incarcerated husband to the president and the chief Advisor. That neatly computer typed and laser printed letter, signed on July 2nd, announced Jalil’s retirement from politics, criticised Sheikh Hasina in a tone and language to other government sponsored politicians are using lately and asked for reform AKA purging of Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia from Bangladesh politics. When crooks asked questions how a prisoner could deliver that neatly composed and printed letter, the nation was informed by the authority that prison authorities helped type, proof-read and retype Mr. Jalil’s letter. Authorities, however, didn’t answer how it reached Mr. Jalil’s wife in lighting speed compared to the normal pace of Bangladesh government machinery. At this point, I feel, its worth remind the readers that in the past a court order of an approved bail petition used to take several days to week to reach the jail from the court next door, keeping innocent people in jail unnecessarily.  Authorities, also didn’t answer how a confidential letter from a prisoner to the head of the state reaches prisoner’s family. However observers are finding immense hope in such a tremendous developement in prisoners rights. Hopefully from now-on all prisoner can ask for the same one hour mail delivery service to their  family or even to the president of the country.    

To make my point, Mr. Jalil again made news yesterday. He kindly agreed to give interview to several national TV channels. He did that to refute allegations that the letter was not written by him, but by the crooks in the government.  That interview was broadcast during the national TV news last night.  But I thought Mr. Jalil is still in jail and was only transferred to a hospital for better treatment. (Other prisoners like SQ Chowdhury, Mirza Abbas etc are also in private hospitals).  This also must be another shinning example of good deeds of this government when prisoners are treated so lavishly that they can call press conference and give TV interviews from jail cell. Absolutely impressive!