August 2007

Here are two statements, one from Dhaka university Teachers’ association leader prof Anowar Hossain, who has recently been arrested and the other one by the de-facto CTG spokesperson, Advisor Mr Moinul Hossain.

Prof Anwar says sorry to army
Staff Correspondent

The detained general secretary of Dhaka University Teachers Association (Duta) yesterday apologised to the army for the attack on them during the recent campus violence.

Also the dean of bioscience, Anwar Hossain made the public apology before the newsmen while being taken to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court, Dhaka.

“As general secretary of the teachers association and a guardian of the students I regret the incident that must have caused pain and hurt to every single member of the ranks ranging from a soldier to the army chief,” he continued.

“From the heart, we offer our apologies for the incident. And we don’t feel any shame, or anguish to do so,” added Prof Anwar.

“We are sorry for the humiliation and injury dealt to the reputation and esteem of the army personnel,” he observed.

“This army is the emblem of the state of Bangladesh, sovereignty and solidarity. And we can feel how much it pains an army personnel to watch an attack on their uniforms,” the detained DU professor told the reporters.

He also said, “We expect that every army man will accept the apologies, and forget the grievances they had suffered.”

And this is what the spokesperson this CTG had to say in his latest public speaking. He told this to BBC,

“….You have seen how they kicked a uniformed man belonging to the armed forces, how they burnt the effigy of the army chief. Its Ok as long as they criticize or burn the effigy of us, the civil leadership; but with what plan or how dare they kick a uniformed man or burn the effigy of the army chief?….”

You dare talk against the militray, they sure will beat the apology out of you. Just look at professor Anowar Hossain’s above mentioned apology. And even a a professor of Dhaka University is not exempt from the wrath of speaking against the military.

Moinul’s statement was far more dangerous. I am puzzled and still trying to grab what he actually meant. Isn’t the civil leadership still the supreme leadership and the authority over our state’s armed forces? Then how come, criticizing civil leadership may be OK, but criticizing the army chief is a big No No? Doesn’t our constitution protects you even if you criticize the God? Is Army, now, bigger than God for Bangladesh?

This picture makes me sad. Here, an apparently unarmed man is being subjected to public humiliation and physical torture only because of his profession. Nobody deserves this sort of treatment. This is ugly and cruel.

You all are aware that this now famous picture has been a subject and source of a lot of controversy and retribution. This is the bbc take on this photo.


We all should protest this sort of treatment of a person only because of his professional affiliation. Similarly we also should protest and be sad at the torture and humiliation of the incidents, the pictures of which we didn’t see.  

Exactly in the same street, two days later, the professional colleague of the man being chased in this picture, came back reinforced. They imposed curfew, cordoned off the whole area, searched house to house, lined up all whose profession is student and beat them up in a manner that could be 100o times more ugly and cruel than what we see in the picture.

In addition to the magnitude and intensity of torture, there is another difference. The first atrocity was a job of un-accounted for, uncontrolled street mob. But the follow up event was a job of a trained professional force, who are armed, fed and dressed with tax payer’s money only to safeguard the country from foreign invasion.

Whatever disgusting the image may be, it surely sends a very powerful message. The message reminds us of 6th December 1990. There is no stronger human force than the peoples’ collective passion and anger.

Ok India is back again.

India is back to destroy this country, the economy and the progress.

Who says that?


The government says that via implanted news at local press. Read this , this , and this identical news items.
The following day our boss, the army chief, came up with his confirmation and conclusion ( concluded even before the justice`led investigatory committee started working) that the evil forces planned this and the design has been foiled.

Just scan through all the comments made in different blogs by all the militray apologetics you will see a general tendency of relating DUTA, India amd Awami League and even will selectively pick Ekushey TV behind the conspiracy.

And exactly on the other hand, the other side, anti CTG side, is using India freestyle also to make their case. The case that side is making is by connecting CTG with Dr Kamal Hossain, Daily Star, Prothom-Alo, Gen Moeen, geeti Ara Shafiya etc.

And a third side, seletively picking SaQa owned news channel ( and forgetting similar govt warning on Ekushey also), try to put the blame all on the evil of BNP. Like this one from a friend of mine, “Do you find it that hard to believe that Falu/Saqa/et al would pour lakhs into the streets to try to bring down the government? I would do the same.”

And while we use India at our own free will, I see a repetition of history. Do the combination of words, Dhaka university teachers, Indian agent, conspiracy, national integrity, India’s blue print, midnight arrest of teachers remind you of 1971?
Its a deja vu, my friend.


This was how Dhaka univarsity student leader, JCD president Azizul Bari Helal was produced before CMM court this saturday. Prior to that he was held in undisclosed location for 40 hours.

Until even last week we though GTMO bay is a far away place. Thats not true anymore. While we continue our civil constructive discussion about the long term future of this 11 feresta’s government, worst incidents of human rights violations are taking place in Bangladesh. Promiment leaders`are being produced to court blindfolded, teachers are picked up from their homes at midnight and detained indefinitely, nonbailable cases are being lodged against 90,000 citizens.

It is extremely important that we protest these gross human rights abuse. If we fail to protest now, very soon it will be little too late.

My younger brother’s are being searched, identified, tortured and then taken away to undisclosed location.

 My country is under seige.

My people are without telephone, transportation.

My folks have no food to buy.

My fellow countrymen has all their rights curtailed.

My journalist friends voices have been gagged.

My poor marginalized people has just lost their last indulgance_right to express their anger.

My sick relatives can’t see a doctor, can’t buy a medicine.

How can I seat quite, either observe the situation or be a cheerleader of all these miliary atrocities?

How Can I not protest all these injustice?

Here are some pictures. However these pictures are not of those inexplicable, unacceptable,unwarranted, vandalism that was demonstrated all over Dhaka on Wednesday and that left the nation in a state of disbelief and shock. These are agrieved peoples’ mvement protesting price hike and power failue dring last government around 28 september 2006.


The New Age Editorial

…..While it is only natural that the events of the last few days will be explained differently by different quarters, we strongly feel that the real causes of such dissent must be correctly identified by the present government. For the wrong diagnosis will only worsen the situation, and that will not desirable for anyone — be it the government, our armed forces, civil society, media or the general public. However, the official explanation that has thus far been provided — as can be discerned from the chief adviser’s address to the nation on Wednesday night — that university students’ response to a seemingly minor incident that had already been dealt with by the government was intentionally amplified by ‘evil forces’ and ‘self-seeking quarters’, appears to us to be not only simplistic but also incorrect. In our view, there is growing disillusionment with this government among the people at large, owing to the fact that this government, instead of concentrating on fulfilling the initial pledges that it had made, has been seen to be more busy with other activities such as trying to fracture political parties, expel political leaders, make arbitrary arrests, shut down factories and mills, evict slum-dwellers, etc. Also, instead of working expeditiously to bring about necessary political reforms through the enactment or amendment to electoral laws and rules, the government has given itself an open-ended tenure and has perceivably stalled the restoration of fundamental rights and return to elected rule. The disappointment and disillusionment with the government has, in our view, turned into anger, which found expression in the students’ agitation and the spontaneous involvement of the general public in the protests of the last few days…….
……we strongly and sincerely urge the Fakhruddin government to steer clear of conspiracy theories and to properly analyse the factors that led to the spontaneous street agitations of the last few days. We also urge it to immediately shift its focus back to the levelling of the playing field and on the holding of credible, acceptable and participatory elections in order to return democratic process to the country and to safeguard the army’s well-earned reputation as the symbol of our sovereignty.


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