So far

74 blogs and 1821 comments posted in different blogosphere about this movie

14 op eds written in different news outlets

74081 emails were written in 3561 email threads involving 7003 people


… all within a span of a week


This is about a movie


which tells an ajgubi story of a love affair of Pakistani military officer with a Bengali girl in occupied Bangladesh in 1971

Which offended a great number of folks highly indoctrinated into Muktijuddher chetona

Which forced a number of ultra liberal folks start  chanting slogan to ban the movie

Which was made by a young female director who happens to be the daughter of a rich man who is a minister of Bangladesh government


WTF ….

…this is the official statement of this blog about the great Meherjann movie debate that is blazing the Bangladesh blogosphere over last few days.