Photo: Saiful Islam

Photo: Saiful Islam

The whole country is still in a standstill after the Long March and Dhaka rally of Hefazate Islam. Hefazate Islam, a conglomerate of several thousands Madrassahs across the country, announced this long march program to press their 13 point demand. Their 13 point demands are the following,

1. Reinstate the phrase ” Complete trust and faith in Allah” in the constitution and abolish all laws contradicting the dictates of Quran and Sunnah.
2. National Parliament must pass new law with provision of highest capital punishment for blasphemy.
3. The Murtad atheist bloggers who are leading Shahbag movement and speaking ill of prophet Muhammad ( SM) and Islam must be punished and all the anti Islam campaign must be stopped. (more…)

This a 14 year old girl from one of the most socially backward, deprived and uncivilized areas of the World — Swat Valley pakistan.

Her name is Malala Yousufzai. Although she is only a 14 year old 8th grader, she definitely is not like any other 14 year old in the world.

She is an embodiment of passion, bravado, activism. She is the example what ‘standing up for right’ means in real life.
She probably is the youngest and most inspirational politicians in Asia, if not in the World. Just search her name in Youtube. You will see hundreds of TV interviews of Malala — some 30 minute, some hour long. You will see her fiery stump speeches.

Since PM Hasina’s party came to power, bloodshed by public lynching of opposition activists have become a commonplace thing. Invigorated followers of Prime Minister Hasina have been jumping on and making them bloody lump of meat and bone at the sight of any student belonging to opposition political spectrum. At some point when opposition party supporting students became an extinct species in the campuses, PM’s student forces started practicing bloodshed among themselves. In the universities they are being seen killing each other over booty share, in premier medical college of the country they would through their comrade from 4th floor dorm killing him, in nations’ most prestigious Engineering university they would beat the hell out of the teachers and students for protesting against a Vice Chancellor who also happen to be a political thug. Mrs. Hasina never felt much disturbed at all these anarchy, never ever her heart plunged at the bloodied body of innocent victims.

Architect Mobashsar Hossain speaks candidly about BUET crisis. Mr. Hossain is a genuine Awami league man by all means but in situations like this or elevated expressway project he could not resist being guided by his conscience. Our new generation partisan intellectuals who are finding ways to undermine BUET issue should take lead from Mr Hossain. Partisan agenda should not cloud conscience