“The glorious role that the armed forces played in the reconstitution of the caretaker government saved the country from a one-sided Jan 22 election, full of clashes and confrontations. We thank them for this. Now the nation expects arrests of those who plundered people’s wealth in corruption, and recovery of the lost wealth.”

Abdul Jalil, Awami League General Secretary, January 14, 2007

“Everyone suffers when democracy is under attack. We (political parties) may have different points of view. But everyone will have to be united when the issue is democracy.Whoever they are, they will be identified, they will be brought to justice and they will be handed the maximum punishment.”

Syed Ashraful Islam, Awami League General Secretary, January 19, 2012

May be there soon will be a winner in Narayanganj City Corporation election. But question mounts, will she or he really be a winner eventually or will they represent a victory of their backers?

May be NCC citizens are getting an elected rep, they may be the only winner. But without any clout, control, power, money– in Bangladesh context under current system, a mayor is a talpatar shepai — simply a symbolic city father.

But then rest of it is also a lose lose lose lose game.

If Shamim Osman finally pulls through a victory, fair election or not, the demand for CTG will gain momentum. Sheikh Hasina and her ruling part that backed Shamim Osman will lose by winning.

If Osman loses to Ivy, both Awami League and opposition BNP loses big time. Anti CTG rhetoric will gain traction. Tainted civil society ( We all know who they are- new faces Syed Abul Maqsud, Mizanur Rahman Khan, Rubayat Ferdous with Anams and Motiur Rahmans in the background) will again stat jumping with double vigor. Civil society thinks Ivy is their candidate. Selina Hayat Ivy is civil society’s dream candidate. A hardcore Awami League leader, close to Sheikh Hasina currently at odds with another Awami League candidate not in good terms with the civil society leaders. But by no means civil society’s customized candidates are any good for a long-term healthy grassroots based democracy.

If Taimur wins, BNP also loses. Hasina will say, see we lost election to BNP and we can hold fair elections.

This Taimur Alam Khondokar is a pathetic case. If BNP wants to come back, exactly this sort of candidates BNP must shun. This man is running such a lackluster campaign that even Amar Desh is mentioning him in 3rd sequence after Shamim/ Ivy. He cannot talk, cannot make a point. cannot organize get out the vote, cannot gain on anti Awami League incumbency of Shamim, and capitalize on anti Narayanganj incumbency of Ivy. Only thing he is saying very ineffectively is “EVM mani na”, “EC is bad”. Are vhai he is not running against EC. He is running against Ivy and Shamim. And he must have made this a campaign of a referendum to Awami Leagues misrule.
This man is a failure in all way. He was BRTA chairman. That was shame of a record. I don’t know why BNP can’t find a good new fresh face, young blood. There are so many business leader from N Ganj, so many sports stars. Every time I see him walking along Narayanganj roads, he reminds me of the Zombies at the TV series “the Walking Dead”.

BNP must know that if they keep on relying on these Zombies, whatever misrule Awami League exerts on Bangladesh, they have no chance of winning back Bangladesh.

In CCC election an ex Awami Leagues, soft spoken clean image candidate helped BNP regain CCC mayoral seat.

In that context BNP needed Selina Hayat Ivy as their candidate. An honest, smart and bold young woman. In several debates I watched in TV, she was only one who talked some sense and was found to understand what it means to be a city corporation Mayor.

The latest news from Narayanganj tells us that Government decided to ignore Election Commissions request to deploy Armed forces for election eve / day violence prevention.

What will happen in Narayanganj on the election day — no one except the God and Sheikh Hasina can tell. But this blogger can assume that the election day events will be based on which advisor Sheikh Hasina listened to.

It could be a repeat of Bhola, which will be impeccably hidden under the carpet by a submissive friendly media ( In Bhola style). Shamim Osman will just rob the election by forcefully bagging 99% of rural Narayanganj vote.

Or if Mrs. Hasina this time listens to a different advisor, it could be an “apparent” fair election with Sheikh Hasina niece Ivy winning against Shamim Osman. That means civil society is managed for the time being and for next national election, a good example has just been created — ” FOR HOLDING A FREE AND FAIR ELECTION, NEITHER WE NEED A CARE TAKER GOVERNMENT NOR MILITARY DEPLOYMENT”.

Government today submitted a supplemental chargesheet in August 21st 2004 Grenade attack on the then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina. The attack took 24 lives and injured many including Mrs Hasina herself.

Using the supplemental chargesheet, the mainstream media ( read Prothom Alo and DS) as well as other mainstream yes-media ( Read Amader Shomoy of Naimul Islam Khan etc.) were very glad to remind 21st august events to its readers. Multiple news including gruesome photos of the event on filled todays first pages ( whereas Prothom ALo first page news on the day after 15th amendment was about some irregularities in DMCH) of most print media.

In this supplemental chargesheet, almost the whole state machinery of last government is indicted. However reading the news stories today, one won’t understand the implication and seriousness of the matter.

If it is true, as government submitted in the supplemental chargesheet, that the whole state machinery led by the political leadership, in collusion with Army intelligence chief, the national security chief, the whole police top brass ( three consequetive police chiefs of the country, IG Police/ two other top brass police executives/ police investigating officers in the case), other senior intelligence officer — join hands with an international terrorist outfit like HUJI and try to throw grenade in a public meeting to kill the opposition leader —- then we are in a deep shit. BD has no right to be the 25th most failed state, it should have been at number 1 or two.

And if this is not true, i.e if this is only political persecution/ partisan revenge on the part of the current government— we are still in dire straits, in deeper shit. A citizen of this country has no right to tell that this country is better than 24 most failed dysfunctional states.

And more ominous is when nations’ leading media try to become part of this partisan revenge taking game, become tool of government in pushing forward the heinous design.

While giving the verdict on the legality of the punishment of Colonel Taher, the high-court bench of Justices Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and Zakir Hossain declared that the whole trial process was illegal and it was in fact a cold blooded murder of Taher by Late president Ziaur Rahman.

What high-court did to come to this conclusion? They interviewed one shoddy journalist character Lawrence lifshultz, who is a political follower of Taher’s communist doctrine. Other interviewed are also 1. Political opponents of Ziaur Rahman’s political platform 2. Supporters of ruling party who took it as their prime job to destroy Zia’s image 3. Political followers of Colonel Taher. Even the judges who delivered the justice, are publicly known nemesis of Ziaur Rahman’s ideology and are former leaders of socialist political platform based on Taher’s doctrine. And this is probably the first court proceeding in Bangladesh history where an witness could simply deliver his opinion via e mail to a third person. There was no ‘balai’ of oath taking, cross examination etc.

Before we go further into what these two judges did and what their judgment means, lets see what Taher in fact did back in early 70s.

1. Taher revolted against the then Awami League government of Sheikh Mijibur Rahman and formed and led an armed force called ” Gonobahinee”. Thousands and thousands of Awami League activists, leaders as well as general people were killed by the armed force. Any literature describing Mujib era Bangladesh will give testimony of the atrocities of Taher’s Gonobahinee.

2. While all other sector commanders were being promoted in the army as Brigadier/ Major General and who in turn helped rebuild the army, Taher was sacked from Bangladesh army by Mujib Government. ( It is unclear what Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik had to say about this cold blooded sacking of ‘war hero’ Taher).

3. Many sources, well informed of the political military dynamics of 1975, say that it was Taher who was more likely to kill Mujib and there was an invisible race among Taher’s group and Faruq Rashids group in who would kill Mujib first. After hearing of the massacre of 15th August, most observers’ first suspicion was on Taher.

4. Taking the advantage of unstable situation of Bangladesh, Taher’s forces ( a select group of armed anti state forces including Taher’s brother Bahar) attacked Indian High Commission in Dhaka in an attempt to kill India’s high commissioner in Dhaka, Mr Samar Sen. Although Samar Sen survived with bullet wounds in his back, Police force guarding India’s high Commission shot and killed four members of Taher forces ( Including Taher brother Bahar).


লাশসকল প্রতিশোধ নেবে

ফরহাদ মজহার

(১৯৮৩ সালের ১৪ই ফেব্রুয়ারী সামরিক জান্তা স্বৈরাচারী এরশাদ এর বাহিনীর গুলিতে নিহত জাফর, জয়নাল, কাঞ্চন, দিপালী সাহা সহ সকল নিহতদের স্বরণে লিখিত

এই কবিতা লিখার অপরাধে প্রথমে ফেরার হয়ে পরে গ্রেফতার হন ফরহাদ মজহার )

গুম হয়ে যাওয়া লাশসকল প্রতিশোধ নেবে—
বীভত্স কফিনহীন মৃতদেহ রাস্তায় রাস্তায়
মোড়ে মোড়ে
অলিতে গলিতে
অন্ধিতে সন্ধিতে
তোমাদের শান্তিশৃঙ্খলা স্থিতিশীলতার গালে
থাপ্পড় মেরে
অট্টহাসি হেসে উঠবে।

দাঁতের মাজন হাতে ঢুকবে বাথরুমে—
সেখানে লাশ
তোমাদের প্রাতঃরাশে রুটি-মাখনের মধ্যে লাশের দুর্গন্ধ
তোমাদের ভোর সাড়ে সাতটার ডিমের অমলেটে লাশের দুর্গন্ধ
তোমাদের পানির গ্লাসে লাশের দুর্গন্ধ
তোমাদের চায়ের কাপে গলিত নষ্ট মৃতদেহের রক্ত;
লাশসকল প্রতিশোধ নেবে
লাশসকল হত্যার বদলা চায়।

রিকশায় তোমাদের পাশে যে বসে থাকবে
দেখবে সে একজন লাশ
টেম্পোবাসে তোমাদের গা ঘেঁষে যে বসে পড়বে
দেখবে সে একজন লাশ
ফুটপাতে তোমাদের কাঁধে কাঁধ মিলিয়ে যে হাঁটছে
দেখবে সে একজন লাশ

অলিতে গলিতে
অন্ধিতে সন্ধিতে
চড়াও হয়ে
লাশসকল প্রতিশোধ নেবে।

প্রতিটি লাশের গায়ে ৩৬৫টি গুলির দাগ
(দিনে একবার করে বাংলাদেশকে বছরে ৩৬৫ বার হত্যা করা হয়)
জবাই করে দেওয়ার ফলে অনেক লাশের কণ্ঠনালী ছেঁড়া
অনেকের চোখ হাত পা বাঁধা
অনেককে পিটিয়ে হত্যা করা হয়েছে—
অনেককে হাড়মাংসসুদ্ধ কিমা বানানো হয়েছে প্রথমে
পরে থেঁতলে থেঁতলে পিণ্ডাকার দলা থেকে
তৈরি করা হয়েছে কাতারবদ্ধ সেনাবাহিনী
ওদের মধ্যে অনেককে দেওয়া হয়েছে মেজর জেনারেল পদ
একজনকে নিয়োগ করা হয়েছে
প্রধান সামরিক আইন প্রশাসক হিসেবে
তাদের সবার চেহারাসুরত বরফের মতোই ঠাণ্ডা ও নিষ্পলক
এই হচ্ছে লাশসকলের সুরতহাল রিপোর্ট

তারা সামরিক কায়দায় উঠে দাঁড়ায়
অভিবাদন দেয়
অভিবাদন নেয়
অভিবাদন গ্রহণ করে
এবং সর্বক্ষণ ছাত্র সংগ্রাম পরিষদের
পরবর্তী বিক্ষোভ মিছিলকে
মেশিনগান মেরে উড়িয়ে দেবার পরিকল্পনা আঁটতে থাকে—
তোমরা আতংকিত হলে লাশসকল অট্টহাস্য করে ওঠে
তারা তোমাদের সেনাবাহিনীর মতোই
নিজেদের সেনাবাহিনী গঠন করে নিয়েছে—

লাশসকল প্রতিশোধ চায়।

লাশসকল তোমাদের অফিস করিডোরে ফাইলপত্রে
হাজির থাকবে
তারা সংবাদপত্র অফিসে নিখোঁজ সংবাদের রিপোর্টার হয়ে
বসে থাকবে
তারা রেস্তোরাঁয় হোটেলে হোটেলে
মরা মানুষের কঙ্কাল হয়ে ঝুলে থাকবে।

বিকেলে পার্কে সিনেমাহলে ঘরের সামনে
ফুলবাগানে লাশ
লাশসকল অভিনয় জানে
তারা মহিলা সমিতি মঞ্চে অভিনয় করতে চায়
তারা জীবিতদের মতো কথা বলবে
সংলাপ উচ্চারিত হবে নির্ভুল
লাশসকল তোমাদের অনুসরণ করবে।

লাশসকল মনে করিয়ে দিতে চায়—
বুট ও খাকির নীচে বাংলাদেশের মৃতদেহ থেকে
পচনের আওয়াজ বেরুচ্ছে
তারা বুঝিয়ে দিতে চায়—
পাছায় রাইফেলের বাঁট মেরে শুয়োরের বাচ্চার মতো
তোমাদের খোঁয়াড়ে রাখা হয়েছে।

রাত্রিবেলা তোমাদের স্ত্রীদের ওপর
তোমাদের মেয়েমানুষদের ওপর
চড়াও হয়ে
লাশসকল ঝুলিয়ে দেবে

জেনারেলদের মাথার খুলি লক্ষ্য করে
সমস্ত লাশ একযোগে
দ্রিম দ্রিম
ক্রাট ক্রাট
৩৬৫ বার
প্রতিদিন একবার করে বাংলাদেশকে হত্যার প্রতিশোধে
লাশসকল অট্টহাস্য করে উঠবে—

লা শ স ক ল প্র তি শো ধ চা য়
গু ম হ য়ে যা ও য়া লা শ স ক ল
প্র তি শো ধ নে বে।

Long time member of Bangladesh parliament Mr Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury has recently been arrested. Although government minister’s were promising his arrest for his alleged involvement in committing atrocities against Bangladeshi freedom fighters during 1971 war of Independence, he was arrested on an accusation of arson in Dhaka during the day of General strike last month. Interestingly,  Mr Chowdhury was not even in Dhaka when the  alleged arson took place in Dhaka. In a breach of routine legal practice, after arrest Mr Chowdhury was not produced before the court. He was taken to an undisclosed location ( Many suspected it to be a police station inside the Military Garrison in Dhaka)  and 12 hours later when he was produced before court, Mr Chowdhury reportedly was bleeding, limping. In court he accused of inhumane torture on hm. After the court approved five days to grill him and when he returned to the court, the court even did not allow to let the accused Mr Chowdhury come before the court. So totally disconnected from family, lawyers, political colleague– there is no was to know how much more  torture Mr Chowdhury endured.  His daughter and wife called a press conference and pointedly asked the government, where the blood, those were seen on Mr Chowdhury’s ears and face, came from.


Almost every body ( if not absolutely everybody) remained silent on this torture accusation as the victim of this torture was a bad guy. He is a political leader accused of crimes against humanity against our side during our war of independence.  So as he committed very grave crimes like war crimes, no one should speak out against torture on him. If one does, she/ he is also a rajakar ( Collaborator) if not war criminal. We are against torture. But this guy is an exception.



Few years ago, this comment was made on this blog post

[ On inquiry, I came to know that the commenter was Fabia Mim Mamoon, teenage daughter of Gias Uuddin Al Mamun]


“out of sight out of mind” – this is so true.
the last post was made on june 20 2007. Ever wonder where the man is now? and in what condition?

All the politicians sent to custody after 1/11 are out. Well most of them. Whatever he is he cannot be the most corrupted person in Bangladesh. There are rapists murderers who are living peacefully in our society among us.

Even for a second if i assume that he was, the way he was tortured one else was ..
he was actually arrested on 30th Jan, 2007 but was shown arrested from 26th March. During this time  he was hidden. No one knew where he was, his family of four passed the most brutal time. He has a wife, two daughters who were 3 and 15 then and a son aged 9. They knew he died. The family was interrogated again and again. The integrators would jump into the premises from all sides of the house at midnight and would wake everyone up and ask the same questions repeatedly. Once it was also seen that one of the interrogators with a gun in his hand had moved the youngest child’s hair from her face when she was asleep. On 26th March night, the family had gone to sleep. There was a knock on the master bedroom door around 3am, one of the house staff said “they are here”. Slowly everyone started coming out of their rooms, the voices of many men had awakened them. Everyone was dumped in to Mamoon’s elder daughter’s room and they began searching the house, all of a sudden a man walked into the room, the man was unknown but when he called out Mamoon’s daughter’s name everyone turned around and looked at him. The face was unknown but the voice was known. He then bursted into tears and his elder daughter ran and hugged him tight while his wife fainted and the other two children could not believe what they were looking at. After sometime Mamoon and his wife were called into their room where the law men have opened the stitches of a couch and put in the gun inside te couch in front of everyone’s eyes and then took it out as an illegal gun was discovered. A case was placed against him.

Slowly the truth started coming out and he started telling his family how he was tortured :-
1. on the very 1st night all his nails were taken with a plus.
2. he was given electric shocks at every part of his body.
3. he was put into mock cross fire.
4. he was tied and pushed into a lake and taken out when they knew he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.
5. he was placed in a small box were there is hardly any space to move and a high voltage bulb was placed on top.
6. knowing that he had brain hemorrhage in the pat, he was brutally kicked until lather came out of his mouth.
7. they even made him sign on random blank papers.

Maybe he did have “ill gotten money” but always remember television n papers love to spice up things and they add lots of “zeros”.
– The house in gazipur that is said to be his is actually on 5 katha land and really doesn’t belong to him. His wife inherited that from her grandfather.
– He owes huge amount of loans to different banks, he had taken those to set up his factories. There are a total of 5000 workers working in the factories now, all the factories prohibit child labour and each of the workers family consists of 4 members on an average, that makes it 5000*4 = 20 000.
– all of the property values that have been shown are CURRENT values. value of property, fdrs were not shown as they were at the time of purchasing.

His middle child (son) is mentally disturbed. He is not being able to cope up at school ever since …. His academics .. personal behavior ..everything is going down ..

His younger daughter misses her dad so much she regularly draws pictures of him and her together. It’s so sad that she couldn’t even understand the term “dad” properly ..before that he was taken away ..

There are lot more that can be said ..
People please do not believe in whatever people say. Try to look up. there are lot of things we are not aware of. If this is the story of 1 man, imagine how many men and families were harassed.


Almost every body ( if not absolutely everybody) remained silent on this torture accusation as the victim of this torture was a bad guy. He is a corrupt man accused of massive corruption.  So as he committed very grave crimes like grand scale theft, no one should speak out against torture on him. If anyone does, she/he is also a corrupt criminal. We are against torture. But this guy is an exception.




Then before that there was the Freak Show of Torture. on the son the a former President, decorated General of our war of Independence and whose mother is three times PM and one of the two major political leaders of the country.  That torture was totally endorsed by our leading Dailies who tried their best to undermine the fractured back caused by the torture as ailment of pinched nerve.


Almost every body ( if not absolutely everybody) remained silent on this torture accusation as the victim of this torture was a bad guy. Many folks applauded this torture. He is a corrupt man accused of massive corruption and very ruthless bad governance.  So as he committed very grave crimes no one should speak out against torture on him. If anyone does, she/he is also a corrupt criminal. We are against torture. But this guy is an exception.



Recently a newspaper editor dared to become outspoken against the atrocities of the government and published some corruption allegation. Hell broke loose on him. His crime— he dared speak against the government and tried to desecrate the halo around our Prime Minister and the crown prince, her son.


Almost every body ( if not absolutely everybody) remained silent on this torture accusation as the victim of this torture was a bad guy. Many folks applauded this torture. He is a bad man accused of inflicting bad things on our beloved prime minister and her son.  So as he committed very grave crimes no one should speak out against torture on him. If anyone does, she/he is also a very bad guy. We are against torture. But this guy is an exception.





Very recently the President of the Garments Workers Unity Forum Moshrefa Mishu was arrested and tortured in police remand in all possible way sort of physical beating. As a result, on her way to a second remand, he fell severely ill, and had to be hospitalized immediately.


Almost every body ( with rare exception of two people) remained silent on this torture accusation as the victim of this torture was a bad person. She was conspiring to ruin our Garments industry which is the backbone of our economy.  So as she committed very grave crimes no one should speak out against torture on her. If anyone does, she/he is also part of the conspiracy to destroy our economy. We are against torture. But this person is an exception.

Published in opinion Section on November 28th.


Rumi Ahmed

It’s not personal

November 28, 2010

khaleda-cry300pxThe manner in which the leader of the opposition and former prime minister Khaleda Zia was evicted from her cantonment residence was outright shocking to most observers of Bangladesh politics. Not only the physical eviction itself, but the way the opposition leader was literally pushed out of her home of 38 years by an overwhelming government force, speaks volumes of its ‘autocratic’ mentality. The whole chain of events surrounding the eviction process was totally unforeseen in the history of democratic Bangladesh.

Notable in the chain of events were the mind-blowing fast tracking of judiciary, manipulation of hazy legal jargons, and ultimately bypassing of the highest judiciary to push forward with the government’s agenda to remove the opposition leader from her home. The media manipulation of the event was also unprecedented for a democratic government. Advancing on what the previous military-controlled regime did, from the day before the incident, the media was fed with concocted stories of Khaleda Zia leaving her home willingly. And on the day of the event and the day after, the naked dishonesty and partisanship of the defence department’s press wing, ISPR, was simultaneously a painful reminder of the demise of the armed forces as neutral public servants and the last nail in the coffin of an institutional balance of power under present government.


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