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Seated front Row from Left 1. Prime Minister of the Country 2. Foreign Minister of the country 3. Putul, Prime Minister’s daughter – a Canadian resident, 4.  Sleeping Man, 5. Unidentified

Back row seated from Left 1. Foreign Secretary Mizarul Kayes 2. Unidentified, 3. Unidentified, 4. Unidentified

Q: Where is Bangladesh Ambassador to UN Abul Momen?

The intellectual backbone of Ruling Awami League are their activists supporters among Dhaka University Teachers. As a part of serious infighting among these activists professors, the pro VC and treasurer ( #2 and #3 in DU leadership heirarchy) resigned  after conflict with the Vice Chancelor).

The High Judiciary, infamous for their thuggish partisanship, dirty mouth treatment of respected citizens of the country blasted the speaker of the parliament terming him illiterate and accusing him of treason.

Same day, the ruling party menbers in the parliament, including senior most treasury bench mebers, thrashed the judiciary, calling a judge sadist, pervert and demanded his immediate removal.