December 2006

Nobel laureate Dr Yunus stressed this point all along. “Bangladesh has no option but going to election. People will need to start the festivities of election. Once festivities start all the violence and deadlock will be over.”

Looks like Dr Yunus, again, was right. Bangladesh is indeed going to elections. And festivities, fanfare all are already here. It will go on for the next 30 days.

Good luck Bangladesh with election 2007.



Many years ago, I was just an elementary school kid then. We used to live in a walled government residential quarter and just outside the wall there was the huge slum. During those years, up from my upper floor balcony, I had an up close look at the slum life of Bangladesh.

Every morning their day started with a noisy quarrel. As the day proceeded the noise used to heat up. It was like everybody was fighting with everybody. Morning, noon, evening and night. And along with these quarrel, life used to go on. Cooking, shopping, gossiping and even quite frequent procreation; all used to go on quite aptly in this non stop quarrel environment.

Since I started blogging I feel like I went back to those days. Now I myself is quarreling, day in day out. Everybody is busy fighting with each other.

Then I look out of the blog world and to the real world. Its’ the same thing there too. Its’ nothing but Hoongkar and palta Hoongkar. Look at the TV screens–that’s all the same. Politicians, in public meetings, in press conferences, in TV shows, in party meetings—everywhere they are busy with relentless yelling at each other.

Shamefully our nation is divided.


The Concert for Bangladesh is one of the greatest moments of our war of independence. We all know of Mr George Harrison as the organizer of the concert. Sadly, we started talking of him after his death. And still today, we don’t have any significant permanent display of respect for him. Do we have any road, theater, gallery, concert hall named after him? Is he in our children’s history books?

And more importantly, while celebrating George Harrison and the concert for Bangladesh, we tend to forget the main person behind the concert for Bangladesh. It was Pundit Ravi Shankar who first thought of this concert. He convinced George Harrison enough to step on this never heard before concept of arranging a concert for a political cause.

Here is how George Harrison himself testifies Ravi Shankar as the architect of the idea.


35 years ago today, Bangladesh was born. And this is how Time magazine witnessed the bloody birth of Bangladesh.

Our struggle of independence concluded with the decisive victory of the joint Indian and Bangladeshi forces against Pakistani forces. Here is the historic moment of surrender of Pakistani army.


35 year ago today many of our national intellectual icons were brutally murdered in an attempt to intellectually cripple the new country Bangladesh.

Our victory celebrations after 16th December were being overshadowed by grim discoveries of one after another killing field. Most destabilizing discovery was that of Rayer Bazaar. All of our national top doctors, professors, linguists, scientists were among the eviscerated dead bodies found here.

This is footage of the discovery of Rayer Bazar killing field. This is very graphic. But I ask viewers to watch it. We must see these. (My brothers and sisters whose family members were among those killed need not see the pictures. You already suffered enough and are still suffering).

Which way our country, our democracy is heading?

Do we need to do any second guessing on what will be the fate of our democracy if BNP can go by doing all what they are doing now?

Let me be a little bit more explicit,

1. The caretaker government system, we take pride in, will become non-existent. Respected people will not be part of it anymore. It will turn into a party stooge.

2. Like those communist party regimes in east Europe, every institute in the country will be under the control of a political party or its activists.

1. We often forget that access to basic healthcare is one of brazenly abused human rights issue in Bangladesh.
2. There is a total failure as well as lack of will and plan to implement an appropriate primary healthcare system in Bangladesh.
3. Value of a life and the urgency , the medical community need to show to save each and every life are very much missing.
4. There is no effective state system to ensure that the medical professionals are held accountable for the service they render to their patients.
5. Although the government has a very well designed and amazingly extensive healthcare infrastructure, the management of this system is an absolute failure.

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