We have been reminded zillions of times, how many lives were lost during “operation Clean heart”. Thank God, operation clean heart is, at least for this time being, ceased to function. At least there will no more death at the hand of Army. May be there will be deaths again at the hand of street terrorists with the help of police. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are not done by the army, it’s OK.
Saleem Samad hopefully will be released soon. Freedom of speech will again be upheld. He will again be able to continue writing about the grave danger of “Talibanization” and ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh in tehelka dot com. For the sake of a meaningful free Bangladesh, let it be.
Muntassir, Saber and Shahriar all are out of jail finally. It’s a victory of people’s power, victory of human rights activism, victory of our secular humane power against this beastly fundamentalist Bangladesh government. Let activism enjoy complete freedom. Let Mr. Saber Chowdhury continue lobbying with European Union to pass resolutions condemning Bangladesh, to impose export restrictions on Bangladesh. Let our activism get strong and stronger, let us be united behind Shahriar Kabir to fulfill his declared vendetta to topple this Taliban supporting Government.
Priscilla is finally back to normal life. We are still concerned about the psychological strain Priscilla endured. Let our human rights funds be spend to help her recover from all the mental agony she suffered at the hand of this tyrant.
All god news everywhere!
Let this wave of good news get high and higher. Let this wave drown all the injustices in Bangladesh.
While, we, the triumphant non resident Bangladeshi activists celebrate these victories, hundreds, if not thousands of people die as a result of unbearable cold wave and depravity of winter attire.
We know how many souls perished by operation clean heart. But nobody of us in this cyber world, will be able to count the number of death caused by this combination of cold wave and lack of a blanket. Because nobody of us bothered to discuss this issue on this web. We are busy crying for zaiba Malik, priscilla raj; we are concerned at the conspiracy against the ex cricket board president– we don’t have the time to address this “cold” issue of cold wave deaths!
People are still dying. An eleven year old boy says to a journalist, “I better be dead, than suffer from this cold wave without a warm cloth”.
They are dying only because they can’t afford a warm blanket to cover themselves up at night. They are dying because the winter is unusually harsh this year in Bangladesh. These poor people didn’t anticipate this much.
They keep on dying . Nobody sends any ” Urgent Action”, may be they don’t have friends that high up.
“It’s not human rights issue” ;
” Cold Wave is from nature, we can’t create petition at petition online condemning God”,
” We can’t deal with vast issue of poverty”—– Shy away all my human rights activist friends.
Temperature drops further down the thermometer. That eleven year old, who told ” I better be dead, than suffer from this unbearable cold with out a blanket” — finally faces his coveted better life. Death saves him away from this unbearable cold.

[A blanket costs only Five Dollars. If you can spare five dollars, one more blanket can be purchased. Your five dollar can save a life! Today’s prothom-Alo article by Free lancer Kurratul Ain Tahmina
details some contact addresses through whom you can help.
You can call
ASK 011 880 2 8315851, or other NGOs at
011 880 2 8115798, 011 880 2 9565343, 011880 2 8124092,
011 880 2 8322569, 011 880 18 243451, 011 880 2 9112325, 011 880 2 712 5156,
in Rajshahi 011 880 721 770660 ]