July 2006

“We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world… “

Israel declares after US stops the world from demanding an immediate ceasefire. US rather wants Israel to complete it’s mission.

And this is the mission US wants Israel to complete and the World gives Israel to go ahead with.

While 54 innocent civilians with 34 children die, our CNN claims 19 chidren is killed as if it is OK to kill 19 children. And our liberal friend New York Times’s headline picture is angry ” Hizbollah supporters” ransacking UN building in Beirut. Nothing about those dead children.

And US keeps on saying Israel has the right to defend herself. Defend from these elderly women and children or defend from UNIFIL observers?

”Israel was attacked two weeks ago. It was Hezbollah who started this and crossed the blue-line,” Repeats US leadership.

It’s always the other side when comes the question of who started it. It’s never Israel. Even nobody ever bothers to note, over the months preceeding Hizbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, how many cross border raids Israel conducted to kidnap Hizbollah leaders from their bedrooms. At least terrorist organization Hizbollah did the kidnapping from an army base, not from a bedroom.
You don’t want to discuss whether it was Zionists who occupied Palestine to start with, you better only condemn the terrorist Islamist Arabs who is bothering good peace loving Israel.

And then comes the question of all these crimes against humanity, the world only can remain “deeply shocked”, “Deeply saddened”. Forget about punishing the war criminals from IDF or Israeli leadership, you even can’t condemn it. Uncle Sam will twist your neck if you dare do so.


Drishtipat is a Bangladesh related blog site and remains committed to Bangladesh issues. However Drishtipat bloggers simply fail to keep silent in the face of the atrocities by Israel and it;s backers.

It’s worth mention that Israel Palestine issue is the only issue that can unify Bangladeshis across the divides.

A very different transition zone. The story of the journey of a heart from a donor to a recipient. Also the tumultuous emotional journey of the carier who wrote the story.
Read it here.

There are a few things in the world I have difficulty expressing. I kind of get speechless or don’t get the write words while expressing these things.

Bangladesh police is one such thing.


Two news item in Bangladesh newspapers of today give us a glimpse of Banglades police.

This news reports release of “Mora” after being acquitted of charges of raping four year old Taniya. Taniya was a street child living in the porch of Dhaka court house. She was taken to adjacent police control room and was raped. It is open secret that she was raped by members of police force stationed at the control room. However, police, in an attempt to divert the charges from their members, put the blame on poor street vendor “Mora”, whom they found handy to detain and powerless to protest. Today “mora” got released after 8 years of unjust imprisonment as court found the whole investigation report as false.

And this report, also published today, gives a random peek in how bangladesh police works.

I had several interesting observations while revisiting the Col Taher event.

1. Taher was a very smart, brave, revolutionary leader. However Col Taher is Col Taher today because he was hanged. Look at all his revolutionary comrades;

Maj Jalil: Later became an Islamic leader.

Sirajul Alam Khan Dada: Gone into oblivion, became insignificant.

ASM Rab: National laughing stock, Ershad’s domesticated opposition.

Maj Zia/MR Manna joined AL.

Hasanul Haq Inu, SN ambia, Dr Akhlaqur Rahman have become politicians with no popular support.

2. In his statement, Taher himself took the responsibility of overthrowing Khaled Mosharraf. He mentioned Khaled as villain several times. In the statement he also mentioned of some Army officers who ” begged on his foot for life” .

With this statement it becomes a more and more clear that Taher apparently klled Maj Gen Khaled Mosharraf And Col ATM Haider.

3. Will there ever be a call for justice of Khaled Mosharraf killing?

4. I wonder, all these emotion sorrounding Col Taher, is it out of love for Taher or out of hate for Gen Zia?

5. Zia probably didn’t have any option but to hang Taher. With Taher living, Zia’s control and leadership would have been seriously undermined and his efforts to stabilize Bangladesh armed forces into a disciplined conventional traditional military would have been seriously hampered by Taher who clearly wanted a non conventional people’s red army. ( However I don’t know whether Taher’s dream peole’s army would have been worse or better for Bangladesh)

6. The counter coup, valiant freedome fighters Khaled and Haider did, is probably the least bloody and most misunderstood coup in Bangladesh. When CIA link was surfaced in 15th august killing, these two patriotic freedome fighters could not but take up arms. It should have already been done by then Army chief Maj Gen Shafiullah and then Rakhkhi bahini chief Tofayel Ahmed ( Both AL leaders now).

7. Countering of Khaled’s coups probably saw the strongest and most prudent use of ” India fear”. And Col Taher spearheaded the use of this ‘card ‘, as it is evident from his statement at the martial law court.

8. During the period between 72-75, one reason behind the perceived failure of Bangabandhu governmnet was the activities of the leftists, the so called ” Peking left”. The armed wing, ” Gana bahini” has been implicated in thousands of murders including those of 7 MPs. Has there been any concerted effort to bring those involved in this mass murder to justice?

It was Colonel Taher’s death anniversary today. Like every other year, there were newspaper memoirs, articles/columns along with discussion and protest sessions in Bangladesh.

This years events also included an additional attraction, a key note addresses by American journalist Lawrence Lifschultz.

Lawrence Lifschultz, in his speech today, urged the concerned authorities for ensuring a fair re-trial of
1. Jail killing of four national leaders
2. Taher death sentence
3. All the freedome fighter killing during coups against Zia rule,
4. General Manjur Killing
5. Death sentence and execution of freedome fighter officers convicted of murdering Zia.

I find these demands quite logical and I belive nobody will cringe too much at these demands. However I get curious when I see some ommission in Lifschultz’s list.

Is there any significant killing missing from this list?

Do we remember valiant fredome fighter sector commanders Khaled Mosharraf and ATM Haider?

Khaled Mosharraf was arguably the best of the military leaders during our war of independence in 1971. He almost died in the war with a bullet hitting his forehead.
ATM Haider was also another valiant freedome fighter who represented Bangladesh during Pak surrender on 16th December.

Do anyone clearly know how they were killed?
Exactly who killed these brave souls?
Who ordered the killing?
In what situation they died? Were they executed? Or did they die in gunfight?

Why these two sector Commanders deaths are not mourned every year as it happens in case of Colonel Taher?
Why nobody demand a justice for their killing?
Why Lawrence Lifschultz does not mention Khaled Mosharraf and ATM Haider in his list?

Once a while, there are some voices of reasoning. I was surprised to read these comments by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs.

While the United States provides about $2.5 billion in military and economic aid to Israel each year, U.S. aid to Lebanon amounts to no more than $40 million. This despite the fact that the per capita GDP of Israel is among the highest in the world at $24,600, nearly four times as high as Lebanon’s GDP per capita of $6,200.

Lebanon’s lack of wealth is matched by the Palestinians — three out of every four Palestinians live below the poverty line. Yet the vast majority of our giving in the region flows to Israel. This kind of geopolitical inconsistency and shortsightedness has contributed to the Arab-Israeli conflict that the Western world seems content to allow to perpetuate endlessly.

Today I had another discovery, i.e in the US media an Israeli casuality is mourned more than a US casuality. While in the last week 29 Isreali lives have been lost, In Iraq 10 American lives have alos been lost. But these ten American got miniscule media attention compared to those Israeli casualities.

Todays CNN.com’s main news

Hezbollah leader ready for “open war” with Israel
•Israeli jets destroy Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut
• Hezbollah fires missiles into six Israeli towns
• An Israeli naval ship off the coast of Lebanon was damaged by what appeared to be a rocket
Israeli woman, grandson reported killed by a rocket

For journalism’s sake, was there any casuality on the lebanese side? Do those worth mention?

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