Monday, July 10th, 2006

–15 year old Shazneen was raped and murdered in her bedroom.

–Shazneen is the daughter of one of the most influential families of Bangladesh. Her dad owns both the most circulated Bangla and English daily newspaper of Bangladesh. In addition he is a top notch businessman and leader of the business community.

–Many of Shazneen’s family members and family friends are leaders of the country.

— The culprits were easily identified. They were mostly people with no means.


—- Shazneen’s family went through daily recollection of the grisly rape murder of Shazneen, as they witnessed and participated in explicit court proceedings of Shazneen murder case. Shazneen’s dad had to describe, in minute details, his youngest daughter’s mutilated body multiple times in front of the court.

— Shazneen murder case ran so far for more than eight years. Today it crossed the highcourt obstacle. Ahead is more time consuming supreme court appeal process and then presidential mercy petition.

–Who know may be eight more years will easily go by before Shazneen’s soul will get the much coveted justice.


Can anyone tell me what is the current state of Bangabandhu murder case? Initiated at the beginning of AL rule, 5+5, nearly ten years have passed so far, but Bangabandhu killers have not been punished yet.


The top ranking police officer, the IG P, get’s punished, looses his job within months after some in his department fail to salute a highcourt judge. This happens while people run, year after year, from court to court, in search of justice for the killing of their near and dear ones.

Only these judicial system has the professionals who can refrain from performing their jobs on the plea of feeling embarassed. Can a physician or a journalist or any other professional refuse to perform their assigned job in this manner?

We, the human rights activists can spend years shouting against the extra judicial, illegal, immoral, unethical killings by RAB and police. But I am skeptical how much we can doto sway the public opinion favoring the ‘encounter’ killings by RAB and other law enforcement agencies.


Being disabled in Bangladesh….

1. You do not have any constitutional protection form being discriminated for job, education etc.

2. You do not have any hope for a meaningful self sustained life.

3. You do not have any way to use public(?) transportation. So the disabled are not public?

4. You will not be able to access governmnet offices, as there are no special accomodation.

5. Who cares you are disbaled. You have to learn to live like an ‘abled’. There is no concept for special accomodation, special bathroom for the disabled.

6. Forget about village, can you imagine those rickshaw clogged, uneven brick paved lanes in Dhaka? Now think of a wheelchair stroll through that. So you are pretty much confined to home.

7. When you are young, you are the responsibility of your poor parents. But when you are old?

8. What about normal competitive schooling for a disbaled kid?

9. Disabled women? Where are they? Do you see them unless they are your family?

10. While 10% of our population are somewhat disabled, how many, except those street beggers, disabled people you see in Bangladesh offices, schools, businesses or public places? Where are they? What did they do to deserve these forced house arrest?