I had several interesting observations while revisiting the Col Taher event.

1. Taher was a very smart, brave, revolutionary leader. However Col Taher is Col Taher today because he was hanged. Look at all his revolutionary comrades;

Maj Jalil: Later became an Islamic leader.

Sirajul Alam Khan Dada: Gone into oblivion, became insignificant.

ASM Rab: National laughing stock, Ershad’s domesticated opposition.

Maj Zia/MR Manna joined AL.

Hasanul Haq Inu, SN ambia, Dr Akhlaqur Rahman have become politicians with no popular support.

2. In his statement, Taher himself took the responsibility of overthrowing Khaled Mosharraf. He mentioned Khaled as villain several times. In the statement he also mentioned of some Army officers who ” begged on his foot for life” .

With this statement it becomes a more and more clear that Taher apparently klled Maj Gen Khaled Mosharraf And Col ATM Haider.

3. Will there ever be a call for justice of Khaled Mosharraf killing?

4. I wonder, all these emotion sorrounding Col Taher, is it out of love for Taher or out of hate for Gen Zia?

5. Zia probably didn’t have any option but to hang Taher. With Taher living, Zia’s control and leadership would have been seriously undermined and his efforts to stabilize Bangladesh armed forces into a disciplined conventional traditional military would have been seriously hampered by Taher who clearly wanted a non conventional people’s red army. ( However I don’t know whether Taher’s dream peole’s army would have been worse or better for Bangladesh)

6. The counter coup, valiant freedome fighters Khaled and Haider did, is probably the least bloody and most misunderstood coup in Bangladesh. When CIA link was surfaced in 15th august killing, these two patriotic freedome fighters could not but take up arms. It should have already been done by then Army chief Maj Gen Shafiullah and then Rakhkhi bahini chief Tofayel Ahmed ( Both AL leaders now).

7. Countering of Khaled’s coups probably saw the strongest and most prudent use of ” India fear”. And Col Taher spearheaded the use of this ‘card ‘, as it is evident from his statement at the martial law court.

8. During the period between 72-75, one reason behind the perceived failure of Bangabandhu governmnet was the activities of the leftists, the so called ” Peking left”. The armed wing, ” Gana bahini” has been implicated in thousands of murders including those of 7 MPs. Has there been any concerted effort to bring those involved in this mass murder to justice?