There are a few things in the world I have difficulty expressing. I kind of get speechless or don’t get the write words while expressing these things.

Bangladesh police is one such thing.


Two news item in Bangladesh newspapers of today give us a glimpse of Banglades police.

This news reports release of “Mora” after being acquitted of charges of raping four year old Taniya. Taniya was a street child living in the porch of Dhaka court house. She was taken to adjacent police control room and was raped. It is open secret that she was raped by members of police force stationed at the control room. However, police, in an attempt to divert the charges from their members, put the blame on poor street vendor “Mora”, whom they found handy to detain and powerless to protest. Today “mora” got released after 8 years of unjust imprisonment as court found the whole investigation report as false.

And this report, also published today, gives a random peek in how bangladesh police works.