“We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world… “

Israel declares after US stops the world from demanding an immediate ceasefire. US rather wants Israel to complete it’s mission.

And this is the mission US wants Israel to complete and the World gives Israel to go ahead with.

While 54 innocent civilians with 34 children die, our CNN claims 19 chidren is killed as if it is OK to kill 19 children. And our liberal friend New York Times’s headline picture is angry ” Hizbollah supporters” ransacking UN building in Beirut. Nothing about those dead children.

And US keeps on saying Israel has the right to defend herself. Defend from these elderly women and children or defend from UNIFIL observers?

”Israel was attacked two weeks ago. It was Hezbollah who started this and crossed the blue-line,” Repeats US leadership.

It’s always the other side when comes the question of who started it. It’s never Israel. Even nobody ever bothers to note, over the months preceeding Hizbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, how many cross border raids Israel conducted to kidnap Hizbollah leaders from their bedrooms. At least terrorist organization Hizbollah did the kidnapping from an army base, not from a bedroom.
You don’t want to discuss whether it was Zionists who occupied Palestine to start with, you better only condemn the terrorist Islamist Arabs who is bothering good peace loving Israel.

And then comes the question of all these crimes against humanity, the world only can remain “deeply shocked”, “Deeply saddened”. Forget about punishing the war criminals from IDF or Israeli leadership, you even can’t condemn it. Uncle Sam will twist your neck if you dare do so.


Drishtipat is a Bangladesh related blog site and remains committed to Bangladesh issues. However Drishtipat bloggers simply fail to keep silent in the face of the atrocities by Israel and it;s backers.

It’s worth mention that Israel Palestine issue is the only issue that can unify Bangladeshis across the divides.