In our political game, in the struggle to win the ‘cup’, i.e. the ruling power of the country, now after the end of this round, the result is a 1-1 draw.

The side on the offensive tried hard for a goal, a dead activist in this case and scored one early goal yesterday during the countrywide strike. However they couldn’t maintain the lead, as the other side scored the equalizer with another goal, another deadbody, now a dead police.

Now while there was no referee to put the blame on, both the teams are resorting to post games spins to score out of field goals.

One such spin is the governmnets claim that the police was killed very shortly after the opposition leaders instructions to attack the sister’s of police members as a revenge to police brutality. An added spin from this side was the lack of bullet or lethal wound on the dead AL activist, claiming it to be death by heart attack.

The opposition team counter spinned claiming the government itself arranged the killing of the police officer to vindicate the off track remarks of the opposition leader.