It was Colonel Taher’s death anniversary today. Like every other year, there were newspaper memoirs, articles/columns along with discussion and protest sessions in Bangladesh.

This years events also included an additional attraction, a key note addresses by American journalist Lawrence Lifschultz.

Lawrence Lifschultz, in his speech today, urged the concerned authorities for ensuring a fair re-trial of
1. Jail killing of four national leaders
2. Taher death sentence
3. All the freedome fighter killing during coups against Zia rule,
4. General Manjur Killing
5. Death sentence and execution of freedome fighter officers convicted of murdering Zia.

I find these demands quite logical and I belive nobody will cringe too much at these demands. However I get curious when I see some ommission in Lifschultz’s list.

Is there any significant killing missing from this list?

Do we remember valiant fredome fighter sector commanders Khaled Mosharraf and ATM Haider?

Khaled Mosharraf was arguably the best of the military leaders during our war of independence in 1971. He almost died in the war with a bullet hitting his forehead.
ATM Haider was also another valiant freedome fighter who represented Bangladesh during Pak surrender on 16th December.

Do anyone clearly know how they were killed?
Exactly who killed these brave souls?
Who ordered the killing?
In what situation they died? Were they executed? Or did they die in gunfight?

Why these two sector Commanders deaths are not mourned every year as it happens in case of Colonel Taher?
Why nobody demand a justice for their killing?
Why Lawrence Lifschultz does not mention Khaled Mosharraf and ATM Haider in his list?