They call the disease ” Mass Hsteria”. Suddenly groups of people, mostly young women are getting sick in a tandem. Their sickness menifests as losing consciousness, seizing/twisting/ bow like bending of the whole body, experiencing severe belly pain, burning of whole body, severe headache, temporary blindness, vomiting etc.
Experts call it mass hysteria. Simply a psychological phenomenon tempting and forcing the effected people to fake all these illness, whereas there is no real physical illness or problem. This illness has a contagious nature and people exposed to other hysteric patient are vulnerable to developing the disease themselves.
There have been a lot of discussion about this illness in Bangladesh media and advocacy groups are demanding appropriate psychological support for the school/college students.

And fortunately, it looks like that the phenomenon has already slowed down.



While this mass hysteria is on the way to a cure and elimination for the time being, we should start talking about another mass hysteria that has apparently effected the whole nation. As a result of the above mentioned mass hysteria victims suffered from bodily pain, seizure, headache etc. But this other kind mass hsyteria effecting the whole nation is presenting as hallucination and delusions. The mass hysteria effected Bangladeshi nation is hallucinating that current ruthless military government is the ultimate savours and the great emancipator. Their hysteric support for the disguised military government has reached such an extreme that they have lost their sense of judgement and rationale. However it is expected that the nation will recover from the mass hysteria quite rapidly.