Let me quote a recent remark made by AL leader Motia Chowdhury. She made this remarks while talking about the fairness extended by the current government towards the political parties in Bangladesh especially in dealing with the government backed reformists/rebels/breakaway groups in the major two parties.  What she said, if you translate into English, will sound like, “They are supplying one side ( the government backed so called reformists/ rebels/breakaway group)  with floatation devices/ life buoys and all other support. On the other hand, blindfolding and tying the arms and legs of the  conformist group. Then the government is throwing two sides into water and asking them to swim ashore.”  One word we heard a lot during the period preceding 1/11, i.e. a demand for a level playing field. Even 1/11 changes happened and gained public support for its commitment of ensuring a fair playground for all the political parties.  So what kind of fair playground is it, when we see turncoat politician Tofael gives fiery political interviews/speeches in TV and Sheikh Hasina is barred from even receiving guests at her house?  Or how fair the playground it is when we have to bear the ugly smile at Mannan Bhuiyan’s face while he arranges daily political meeting at his house and his employer Khaleda Zia remains under house arrest?

Or how this government claims to be fair when we see corrupts like Mannan Bhuiyan, Maj Hafiz or their cohorts ZA Khan, Ashraf blabber mouthon a daily basis and Brig Hannan Shah goes to jail or all other conformst leaders scared to speak out ?

 Similarly, while Nasim/Selim goes to jail, how Tofael, Razzak, Suranjit, Amu; carrying similar corruption charges; roam around teaching politics?

Isn’t this government a neutral caretaker government? Where is the neutrrality?