These pictures and the news relating to these pictures dominated the first pages of today’s newspapers.


This is the picture of Army Chief self promoted general Moeen reminding and lecturing the nation to respect the ‘father of the nation’ Bangabandhu. Gen Moeen was speaking at a civil meeting at gen Moeen’s home constituency at Noakhali.


And in this picture the self promoted lt General Masud, PSO, Bangladesh Army was the chief guest at a civilian high school alumni reunion in Chittagong. His rhetoric was that none with corruption charges will be spared. He also stressed that governmnet has no minus two or similar plan. ( Is lying corruption?)

While our generals occupy the front page of the newspapers, a one column news may miss your eye at the 15 the page. Khaleda Zia’s personal physician was picked up after he was leaving Khaleda Zia’s home and he is missing for the last 24 hours.

Also in the news was the continuation of public political activities of Mannan bhuiyan at his Gulshan flat. Last night Bangladesh Hindu porihad leaders visited him asked for 57 parliament seats. So already the seat distribution has started. BTW, I forgot the name of the Hindu font of jamaat i Islami. I know they have one, but I forgot the name.

Nation, rest in peace. Military has no plan to take over civilian rule.