Out of 160 million Bangladeshis, 60 to 100 million are looking for either the first job or a better job.

কি যাতনা বিষে বুঝিবে সে কিসে কভু আশি বিষে দংশেনি যারে

Unemployment is like hanging from the main street lamp post upside down. It is painful,it is destabilizing to self confidence, if devastating to creativity, it is like chronic burning, it is silent death.

All the sixty million jobless in Bangladesh will go anywhere, will do any job only to get over the curse of unemployment.

Professor Muhmmad Zafar Iqbal probably forgot how it feels like to be jobless.

Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is scolding this young journalist and asking why he was not ashamed of working for Jamaat e Islami. ( He should not be that stupid to equate every journalist/ engineer working for Diganta TV with that of jamaat e Islami activist) The young journalist was polite in his response, but I feel she should have replied, ” Yes I am ashamed. I’ll quit this job as long as you take the responsibility of bearing my expenses and feeding my extended family.

[ In the clip the transcript of the incident is like this, … looking at Diganta TV reporter among the electronic media crew, Zafar Iqbal starts yelling, who is that, who is that…get out. get out. Then after someones request, he reiterates, no no I never gave interview to Diganta TV in my life. Then he looks at the Diganta reporter in hateful eye and asks him, ” Are you not ashamed off working for Jamaat?” The reporter replies, ” Sir, we are professionals. This is my fourth TV station. I used to work for Ekushey TV then had to move Channel 1 ( after Ekushey was closed by govt) and now ( after channel 1 is shut down by the government), I am working for Diganta TV channel. I don’t do jamaat, it has nothing to do with jamaat”. At the point Zafar Iqbal and a cylinder face lady standing behind her gets more aggressive at the Diganta TV journalist, ” Kisher professional, kisher professional/ who cares about professional…” . At that point, apparently after Diganta TV journalist leaves the scene, Zafar Iqbal asks other journalists, ” isn’t it my right to decline meeting certain TV channel? ” Then it was heard from other reporters, ” Diganta has left Sir, Diganta has left. Please give us interview Sir”. ]

The Ganges flew quite far, the people in Arial Bil resisted and won, Mashrefa Mishu remains in jail after torture, an elected local government leader Sanaullah Nur Babu got chopped to death in front of public TV, ruling party MP Shaon walks around head high after yet another killing, student cadres of ruling party continues their mastaani, poor peoples’ life keep getting more and more intolerable due to spiraling of prices.

Our ever awake national conscience Muhammad Zafar Iqbal seemed to be sleeping all along. Nothing probably was exciting enough to wake him up from his hibernation.

But good news is that Mr. Zafar Iqbal finally woke up. In his latest piece he expresses his grave concern as people he saw could not memorize the lyrics of national anthem and the exact size of national flag.

Long live our national conscience.