A rumor is flying around as some negative minded sarcastic folks are speculating that name of the Committee to eradicate the collaborators and killers of 1971 may be changed into “একাত্তরের ঘাতক দালাল ও ইউনুস নির্মূল কমিটি” .

The rumor started flying as the committee started their anti Grameen bank campaign by issuing this protest.

Robert Blake’s comments ‘unwanted’
Says Nirmul Committee
Staff Correspondent

Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee yesterday condemned Robert O Blake, the US assistant state secretary for south and central Asian affairs, for his remark on the removal of Nobel laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus from the Grameen Bank.

A statement jointly signed by three executives of the organisation says Prof Mohammad Yunus was holding the post of managing director of the Grameen Bank for the last 10 years in violation of rules of the central bank.

The issue is under trial in the High Court, and any comment on that is unwanted and against the diplomatic norms.

Blake’s remark also undermined the country’s sovereignty, said the press release.

The signatories are Prof Kabir Chowdhury, president of advisory committee; Justice Mohammad Gholam Rabbani, executive committee president, and general secretary Kazi Mukul.

The US failing to stop the trial [for war crimes] of Jamaat leaders, whom it backed in 1971, is now striving to stop trial of Yunus, says the press release.

Few months later this unbelievably dumb partisan Mojammel Babu type piece by একাত্তরের ঘাতক দালাল নির্মূল কমিটি leader Shahriar Kabir seals the final nail in coffin of the credibility of this group. While this group called একাত্তরের ঘাতক দালাল নির্মূল কমিটি claims to be the focused pressure group to force trial of war crimes committed by Pakistan’s Bangladeshi collaborators in 1971, their sudden outrage against Dr Yunus exposes their real agenda many people suspected all the years. Now the whisper that একাত্তরের ঘাতক দালাল নির্মূল কমিটি only works as a covert front organization of ruling Awami League to give AL politico-strategic benefits, will get louder.