On December 29, we face a stark choice. We elect a new, morality-driven government. Or we revert to the predatory politics that left our lives a shambles more than two years ago.

Syed Badrul Ahsan, Editor, Current Affairs, The Daily Star. E-mail: bahsantareq@yahoo.co.uk

Mr Ahsan Also writes

…These days, there are people ready to impress upon you the grave truth of the damage Sheikh Hasina has done to herself by taking Ershad on board. She has befriended autocracy, these BNP-leaning men will inform you, with that sure glint in their eyes. You feel crestfallen, until you remember that the Begum has herself been poaching quite a few of the smaller autocrats who once glowed in the light of the bigger one.

Mr Ahsan then will give a laundry list of things; why an AL-Ershad merger is great thing. In his laundry lists Mr Ahsan mentions BNP’s partnership with Jamaat, CEC Aziz and cohorts of Ershad. And according to Mr. Ahsan, because BNP had all the gruesome bedfellows, it is the most perfect thing for AL to embrace Ershad.

And hence Ershad now epitomizes, as per Syed Badrul Ahsan, morality-driven government.

Hashbo Na Kadbo? I am totally dumbfounded. Mr Syed badrul Ahsan used to be my English teacher. For two years, he worked hard to infuse some knowledge of English literature in me and in my class. I can not be disrespectful to him. This beyond my ethics. But I must humbly request him to explain on what ground BNP Jamaat alliance justify AL-Ershad alliance? And Ershad’s ground reality is morality driven government! Excuse me! No offense intended. Is Mr. Syed Badrul Ahsan out of his ever loving mind?