Seated front Row from Left 1. Prime Minister of the Country 2. Foreign Minister of the country 3. Putul, Prime Minister’s daughter – a Canadian resident, 4.  Sleeping Man, 5. Unidentified

Back row seated from Left 1. Foreign Secretary Mizarul Kayes 2. Unidentified, 3. Unidentified, 4. Unidentified

Q: Where is Bangladesh Ambassador to UN Abul Momen?

Architect Mobashsar Hossain speaks candidly about BUET crisis. Mr. Hossain is a genuine Awami league man by all means but in situations like this or elevated expressway project he could not resist being guided by his conscience. Our new generation partisan intellectuals who are finding ways to undermine BUET issue should take lead from Mr Hossain. Partisan agenda should not cloud conscience

Former Deputy Attorney General M U Ahmed died today under police custody in a city hospital. On August 11, 2011, at the order of high court judges Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and Gobinda Thakur, he was arrested and tortured by police until he suffered from a massive myocardial Infarction.

It is evident that everybody living in side Bangladesh is afraid of calling a spade a spade. An environment of fear, extreme fear has been created by these two thuggish judges in Bangladesh. Last in their list of atrocities in the murder of ex Deputy Attorney General Advocate M U Ahmed. This is plain simple muder commited at the beheast of two blindly partisan judges by a brutal murderous police force of Awami League government.

Stopped looking at the score board. Shehwag, Tendulkar and Kohli are blasting Bangladesh bowlers.

Public is angry. Lot of conspiracy theory flying around to explain fielding first decision.

I am block B, second floor , row E, seat 20.

Entering stadium was fairly easy and swift.

Three layer security check. Public are not following seat assignment. That caused very mild hassle.

Walk from Mirpur 13 to stadium gate was fun. Pohala boishakh botomul type festive environment. Many dressed and face painted. Very young audience. Rowdy types are absent.

So far highest point of the game: Singing national anthem along with whole stadium.


The outs were too little and too late.

Flood lights are really bright.
Darkness looms outside.

Public looks like regained strength of voice. Again shouting with every ball.


There is strong wifi network all over in the stadium. But you gotta have accrediting ID number to log in . Food outlets are far too less and there are long lines for food.


There are a few Indian supporter dancing here and there.

Next to me a daughter consoling her father, “erokom korteso keno? Matha thanda kore doa koro.”

Flood lights are getting bright and brighter.

Asif Saleh is somewhere in the crowd. Did not see him yet.


For some reason public again cheered up. Photo guys are running to get Kohli’s century shot.


Indian innings finally ends at 370/4.

How big will be the loss?


Stadium is electrifying. Boys can’t stop jumping. Boy behind me just got berserk …. Dekhaia de dekhaia de mar mar ….

Jyoti sends me SMS from Australia. He along with a big group of desi folks watching the game in university big screen. His brother in law almost got into fight with an Indian.

A young man giving a lap across the gallery with a score board on his head. India 370/4. Bangladesh 373/6. Tamim 160, Sakib 120.

Jyoti SMS me: ” Kayes… Stop him if you can—India. This boys are not afraid of anything. That’s for sure. ”


Folks rest their hope on Sakib. Some folks asks the question although they know the answer. ” Ashraful is not in the team, isn’t it?”


People start leaving. Most energized crowd was on east gallery, sitting below the score board. They did not have shade over them and they faced The Sun all the afternoon. Ironically these are the folks who waited in line all nights twice to get the tickets. Rest if us in better placed shaded galleries got tickets sitting at home.


I leave. The young men in east gallery has to find buses. I have a car waiting for me in Mirpur 10.

The loss was big but it could not dampen the festive mood outside the stadium. While walking his way back,  a little boys asks his dad, ” amra to next game e jitbo, tai na baba? “

Which way our beloved Bangladesh is heading? Lets discuss the possible futures of Bangladesh.


1. Senior Lawyer Barrister Shafiq Ahmed, on behalf of the lawyers representing former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina complained that they had been harassed by military intelligence agency people. He made this allegation when journalists asked for his comment on Sheikh Hasina trail that day. He also alleged that the agency men are trying to scare them off representing Sheikh Hasina.
This medieval tactic is being applied by a government which has grabbed and are clinging illegally to power apparently to ‘re-establish’ rule of law and a fair judiciary in Bangladesh. And those people, whose actions have been instrumental in establishing this illegal rule of law, who used to be vocal against every single slightest diversion of righteousness are dead silent these days. Neither Kamal Hossain, Amirul islam, Rokonuddin Mahmood, nor media-civil aka retired society stars of last ten years made a single noise about this issue.