Rumi Ahmed

Always finds himself in the middle of nowhere in his unorthodox thinking and vision about Bangladesh. Absolutely against self-censorship in expressing opinions.  Lives in USA but has Bangladesh in his this thought all day and night. Planning on moving back to bangladesh pretty soon.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Tawsif Says:

    I liked your blog. I was searching the photo of General Matin & then among a lot of links, I found your wordpress blog. Its nice. I am now a regular browser of this blog 🙂

  2. nice to know you rumi bhai…

  3. xanthis Says:

    Rumi Bhai…

    See if you like the link style to you blog from mine…

  4. m@q Says:

    Got your blog while I surfing the wordpress tag “Bangladesh”… Your blog is awesome… I’ll try to stop here frequently…


  5. shafiq Says:

    I find this blog simply fantastic. All postings demonstrate genuine intellect and ability to think out of the box. Superb. I am feeling lucky!

  6. Sir, I am interested with your blog “One day at Grameen.”
    Right now, I am translating “The Poor Always Pay Back” into Bahasa Indonesia. I would like to ask your permission to put your blog as the Epilogue of the Indonesian version of “The Poor Always Pay Back.”

    I am looking forward to hearing any news from you.


    Irfan Nasution

  7. Bengali Boy Says:

    Hey there. Found your blog on a blogroll somewhere; glad to see it; will be checking back often.

    I also live in the U.S. and am thinking a lot about Bangladesh lately. I set up a blog about my visit here right now; please do check it out:

  8. ausiBangladeshi0 Says:

    I like your site. An interesting one though. Will be visiting your site regularly……thanks

  9. Tawhid Says:

    Rumi bhai, I simply love your blog. It’s fresh, unorthodox and provides great tongue in cheek humour.

    Keep up the good work !!

  10. I came across your site at the time when I just started creating my own site. Nice to read your articles. Re-discovered my old thought that our thoughts are not altogether alone anyway.
    If you have time, please visit my recently created blog:

  11. Nice to know you. As well as like your blog also.

  12. writerershad Says:

    Thanks a lot dear Rumi. Keep on working for your country. Read me at

  13. 3n4m Says:

    Hi Mr Ahmed
    Have you ever thought of publishing in Bangla?
    আপনার ব্লগ বাংলায় প্রকাশ করার কথা ভেবেছেন? লেখাগুলো পড়ে মনে হলো বাংলায় হলে খুব ভালো হতো।

  14. msuworld Says:

    Nice Blog 🙂

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