According to the website of Berlin Based Transparency international, the vision of the organization is a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

And it’s mission, as mentioned in the same website, is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.

But when one looks at some of acts of Transparency International’s Bangladesh outlet ( Transparency Internation Bangladesh, TIB)- it is very difficult to match those acts with the mission and vision of Transparency International.

Lets look at some of the recent statements of TIB.

On January 22, 2013 after war crime convicted Abul Kalam Azad was handed death penalty in absentia, an ecstatic TIB issued this statement,

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has expressed deep satisfaction over the verdict against Abul Kalam Azad alias Bachchu rajakar for genocide and crime against humanity during the liberation war, and called for immediate all-out action to implement it. TIB has demanded completion of all other similar pending cases in the due process free from any pressure, influence and fear. This is a milestone of glory, and a befitting tribute to the millions of freedom fighters, particularly those who sacrificed their lives and experienced inhuman sufferings in the hands of barbaric perpetrators of war crime.  21 January will remain a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh marking the beginning of a glorious phase of truly proud and meaningful Victory, relieving the national agony of unmet justice for too long. We are particularly satisfied that a pernicious impunity that the war criminals enjoyed for 41 years by shameless commission and collusion has now been effectively challenged. We want the process to be completed in the due process by bringing to justice all others against whom there are allegations of similar crimes, so that no such violation happens in the territory of Bangladesh anytime in the future.  …We also call upon the relevant authorities to conduct a highly professional and credible investigation into the context and process through which Bachchu rajakar escaped inspite of being under surveillance. Those found guilty must face consequences not only for negligence of duty but also possible complicity with perpetrators of war crime and crime against humanity.”


However a few weeks later on February 6 2013, when Abdul Quader Molla was given life imprisonment,TIB expressed its frustration at the life imprisonment of Abdul Quader Molla and demanded review of the judgement in favor of capital punishment.

At the height Shahbaag Square movement when blogger Rajib was brutally murdered, TIB issued a statement condemning and demanding HIGHEST punishment of the killing of Blogger Rajib.

Few years ago, after the hanging of the killer of Bangabandhu, TIB spent no time issuing a statement expressing it’s deep satisfaction at the hanging of the five accused.

Earlier that year in another related statement mainly aimed at foreign countries where Mujib killers were hiding, TIB had this to say,

“The pride and honour of our heroic struggle for independence that got the most humiliating setback on 15 August 1975 will be at least partially compensated by the fact that in spite of long 34 years of delay, the final steps will now be taken for the killers of the Father of the Nation to face the justice. We are also proud to be able to demonstrate that we are a nation that spares no effort to establish the rule of law. TIB demands the due enforcement of the verdict, and calls upon the Governments of the countries where the fugitive self-proclaimed killers have taken refuge, to demonstrate that they also respect the judgment, and act as such with all sincerity. We particularly demand that the United States takes the lead now and demonstrates that they practice what they preach with respect to the rule of law and justice. All host Governments must genuinely cooperate with the Government of Bangladesh in removing any impediments against early return of the culprits,”

In 2009, when appellate division upheld all the death sentences in Bangabandhu murder case, Transparency International Bangladesh released statement stating that

“it (TIB) is deeply satisfied and relieved that the Appellate Division has upheld the High Court verdict on the Bangabandhu killing case. 19th November 2009 will be remembered as a huge landmark in the history of Bangladesh, for the clear and loud message that justice has prevailed.  It  is a moment of regained glory and extraordinary emotion for each one of us…”


From the above examples, it is very clear that Transparency International Bangladesh gets very excited at the prospect of any capital punishment and throws it full weight behind any possible judicial killing of a person. One may wonder how such killer instinct is possible in an organization whose top three leadership ( Sultana Kamal, Selina Hossain and Mahfuz Anam) are all progressive secular liberals. It also may be a matter of a lot of explaining how this cheer leading of capital punishment matches the vision and mission of the organization.