When I was a student in Bangladesh, my world was my campus, my TSC, evening tea stall adda, night-time hostel adda. I used to see the world around be by collective actions emotions among this surrounding. And in between the campus days, it was our rock er adda, evening cha-dalpuri adda, post dinner household family adda. These were the tools for to understand the vibe of the people around.

All those are gone these days. People I meet these days in weekly NRB socialization called dawats, are not the people of my choice/ type – rather they happen to live around be in the foreign land. So I really do not get much influenced by the people I meet there. Instead, my campus world, my rock er addar world has now been replaced with a virtual world – my facebook world, the twitter world, the wordpress/ blogspot world, the youtube world.

I read the emotions of the people of similar mindset from reading Facebook and twitter feeds. My Facebook world was in seriously jolted by two recent deaths. The news feeds, in blogs, tweets bemoaned the deaths of educationist Mr Khan Sarwar Murshid and today Pandit Maestro Ravi Shankar.P1_mufti-amineer-janajae

Today I was looking for the news report of funeral of Mr. Murshid. I was hoping to write an obituary blog about him. I did not find any. Probably that was a private event- I am not sure. But another funeral caught my attention. This is the photo of a portion of the crowd gathered in the Namaj -e Janaja ( Last religious rite) of Mufti Amini. Media reported that over 100,000 people attended the funeral. One of the biggest in recent years in Bangladesh.
Although he pulls hundreds of thousands people come out in the street mourning for him at the middle of the night – I did not hear of his death in my Facebook feeds. No one mourned or remembered him in blogs. I also did not care his death at all. For many unrelated reasons, I thought ” Good Riddance”.

However this discrepancy does not surprise me much. We live in a very dichotomous world. While I am connected, million fold effectively easily than any other time in history, with people of my creed across the globe- irrespective of geographic locations and time zones — I am equally more intensely and deeply disconnected with people next door who may not belong to my community.

This is my new communal life.