December 5 — does it sound any significant? Is it a special day? Ask 10,000 people in the streets of Dhaka — I bet you will hardly find one who will be able to recall any event to make December 5 special in the history of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a very vibrant TV channel culture– all owned by private businesses. Those TV’s will make a mountain out of a molehill on every single significant and insignificant occasion. Yet they will not speak a line to remind the country of an event that took place on December 5.

December 5 is the day when Hossain Shaheed Sohrawardi, one of the founders of current ruling party Awami League, political mentor of the top leader of Awami League and father of current PM, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Any serious student of Bangladesh history will not hesitate to consider him one of the founding fathers of Bangladesh.

Ironically, when it seems Bangladesh is exceedingly committed to fix the history, close all the historical wrongdoings and champion Bangalee nationalism — the death anniversary of the most prominent leaders of early Bangalee nationalism remains in extreme obscurity. The flag bearers of Sohrawardi, Bhashani, Shamsul Haque, Mujib’s Awami League are very eager to trample everybody else to promote and talk about only leader, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – who is called Bangabandhu. We are taught that we only have ” এক নেতার এক দেশ”. We only have a founding father. The history of our nation did not exist before Bangabandhu Mujib. Like Jesus we do not have any forefathers, we do not have anything before, after beyond Sheikh Mujibur Rahman — our PM’s father and our Bangabandhu.

We know what happens to anyone who can be remotely competing with our PM’s natuonal and international stature. We have seen the ordeal of Muhammad Yunus.

We are also seeing a systemic campaign to destroy — either by distortion or by obscurity — anyone who may remotely be seen as a threat to Mujib’s sole role in our history. Just few days ago, on the anniversary of death of Maolana Bhashani – our president takes the stage to defame him!

Just wiki Hossain Shaheed Sohrawardi. All you see inputs from a Pakistan POV. While our ever enthusiastic youngsters fill the cyberspace crying to close the atrocities of 1971, worshiping Banglaee nationalism and it’s leader Bangabandhu — not a single of the wiki editors bother to do some historical justice to Hossain Shaheed Sohrawardi.