The second term Sheikh Hasina Government has taken the country to a low of unbelievable proportion. Injustice, anarchy, suppression, hypocrisy — all have attained a level beyond the most skeptic’s wildest nightmarish imagination. Be it judiciary, be it defense forces, be it police forces, be it medical profession — all the government jobs are grabbed by political cadres and goons of the ruling party.

Let’s talk about assistant judge Javed Imam. This man was caught with a huge supply of illicit drugs when he was transporting those from a border district to capital city Dhaka. Definitely he and his handlers thought his position of a judge will ensure his protection and immunity from police checks.

Like any other drug haul or arms haul, this case was also published in newspaper with photographs. This is a news media tradition to report such hauls.

Under second Hasina regime the judiciary in Bangladesh has earned extreme notoriety to abusing contempt of court for all sort of personal or partisan or vested interests. e.g. a judge purchased an economy class sit for his personal trip via Government owned airlines Bangladesh Biman — he calls the chairman, Managing Director, Politics, cabin crew to his court for contempt for not automatically upgrading his ticket to First Class. All a police did was to ask a judges car to stop at red light. The judge made the police do ten situps holding his ear and then called all the top police bureaucracy for contempt of court.

So when the news that a judge was caught red handed in illicit drug haul, the skeptic in me wanted to make a joke as a caption to the news. The caption I wanted to make was that our judiciary would charge the police for contempt because they arrested the judge in this drug haul. But the sanity, the reason, the sense of practicality in me stopped me from doing such an extreme joke.

But it seems under Hasina’s second rule, insanity in Bangladesh have crossed the limit of sanity. It is insanely insane these days.

Our judiciary acted swiftly to protect it’s sanctity.  Court indeed called five police official to court for letting journalists photograph the judge with the drug haul.