Elected local Government leader, Upazilla Chairman Sanaullah Nur Babu was chopped to death in broad day light in front of rolling cameras. National TV broadcast the footage. But PM Hasina personally defended the killer and as a result the killer became the most powerful man in that locality.

Two years ago, this blogger wrote a post titled ” Prime Minister Hasina’s Bangladesh” 

Two years has passed. Election happened to replace slain Sanaullah Nur Babu. Mrs Mohua Nur showed the courage to stand up, run for the position her husband served till death. The person who was seen killing Mr Sanaullah Nur Babu came out winner. A reign of terror kept Mr Babu’s widow inside the home, scared the voters away.

While the accused are roaming Scott free, running and grabbing the election — police is yet to finish their preliminary inquiry. 

Yes it is Prime Minister Hasina’s Bangladesh!