The following is a documentary on Joseph Kony of Uganda Lord’s resistance Army. The documentary vividly describes the despicable crimes committed by Kony.

The man who was dispatched by the global community- International Criminal Court to be more specific, to investigate and prosecute this Joseph Kony, was Argentine Luis Moreno Ocampo. He led the investigation and prosecution. Before his assignment of leading the prosecution of Joseph Kony, he was instrumental in prosecuting the notorious military junta in Argentina. After Joseph kony, Mr Ocampo prosecuted Sudan’s Omar al Bashir and issued an arrest warrant for his involvement in Darfur atrocities.

So it seems after dealing with monstrous Joseph Kony, murderous Generals  of Aregentina and radical Mullah of Sudan– Ocampo finally seems fit to investigate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government!


As a person of Bangladesh origin, the above facts and comparisons do not make me elated  It makes me sad, immensely troubled. Inside the country and inside the diaspora community, we may have all the Al-BNP political tribalistic divisions, but outside the borders of this extremely narrow spaces, at the vast wide world, we are identified as people of Bangladesh. Even the moment we cross the barbed wires of Indo-Bangla border, our identity becomes one- Bangladeshis, people of Bangladesh.

The notion that the person who led the investigation and prosecution of Joseph Kony and his Lords resistance Army is now dispatched to Bangladesh to investigate the corruption of Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League — does put us down as a nation. It gives a bad vibe for the whole place, very bad vibe.

While  as a nation we feel humiliated by the actions of World Bank, we know it that all these are our calling.


Few days ago, our government went to United Nations and used the United Nations General Assembly speech time to demand reform of the Bretton Woods Institutes. World bank And IMF are collectively called Bretton Woods Institute. Our government earlier complained of corruption in World Bank in response to World Bank’s principled stand regarding corruption intent in Padma bridge project. Our prime Minister also urged reform in decision making, leadership selection process of World Bank.  We don’t know what steps World Bank has taken to address PM Hasina’s demands, but it is clear now they are sending their biggest guns to find and fix the irregularities and corruption in the Padma bridge project which is slated to be built with World Bank low interest loan. We definitely don’t believe that the Guns of bretton Woods are coming in response to PM Hasina’s oratory firebomb against the Bretton Woods Institute.


Luis Moreno Ocampo will be accompanied by two other extremely high profile figures corruption investigators. Richard Alderman is a former director of the UK Serious Fraud Office, a very powerful and high level government crime investigation unit of UK.

The other member is also a commissioner level official of Hong Kong’s all powerful  Independent Commission Against Corruption.


It is very clear World Bank took the Padma bridge affairs and rhetoric of local politicians very seriously. Otherwise formation of such a highly powerful investigation group for merely an intent of corruption seems to be an overreach. Now it will be upto our anti-corruption Commission to show this foreign visitors that ours is really an inependent anti corruption commission.

Our ACC thinks their job is to give clean honesty certificate for our corrupt government leaders and lodge anti corruption cases against opposition leaders when political leadership instructs ACC to do so. So far they may have pleased (or Fooled depending on the person)  the people of Bangladesh by these activities. But the ACC now has to deal with seasoned corruption investigators. They now will have to please legendery prosecutor Ocampo, UK serious fraud office ex-chief Alderman and Hong kong’s anti Corruption body ( which is considered one of the best anti corruption agencies in the world). I wish our anti corruption commission the best of luck.