Frankly speaking – Bangladesh this time has fallen at the grip of a grand lunatic. This is however is not that shocking a news. Many countries of the world has been run by grand lunatics many many times in the history of Mankind. However the specialty of this grand Lunatic of Bangladesh i.e., PM Sheikh Hasina is that her supporters and followers are equally lunatic as their leader. When a big part of the nation are blind lunatic followers of PM Hasina — then it becomes a big problem for the country.

Our lunatic leader has just delivered a speech at the 67th General assembly session at New York. In her speech she demanded reform of ‘Bretton Woods Institutions’ that include the World Bank and IMF. Our leader made this demand when World Bank accused PM Hasina’s Government of showing intent of corruption and blocked a major concession rate loan, without which Bangladesh Government would not be able to construct a vital bridge connecting capital Dhaka to southern districts. Interestingly while she preaches better governance in World Bank, she herself was being escorted by the corrupt officials whom the World bank demanded to be relieved of responsibilities.

And our leader demanded reform in IMF when IMF is deferring the second installment of concession rate $1 billion loan as Bangladesh Government failed to execute IMF required reforms.

People of Bangladesh is lucky that we are too irrelevant a nation to the world media for making our PM’s public display of insanity a global issue of ridicule. If Bangladesh was under a a thousandths fraction of scrutiny as some countries with rogue leaders are — world would have made a big deal with our PM’s acts and talks.

Our PM demands reform, transparency and decision making efficiency in World Bank. But in her own front yard, the biggest nationalized Bank Sonali Bank disburses 350 million dollars ( In fact much more, only the story of this 350 million came to limelight) without any proper procedure authenticity and verification to crooks and dishonest businessmen belonging to her party. While she proposes plans to fix IMF, all the culprits who were directly involved in the grand robbery of 350 million Dollar roam Scott free – at the protection of the Prime Ministers senior advisors.

PM Hasina also demanded equitable voice and voting right of the members states in World Bank decision making process. But at home she herself ignoreed the decision of all 9 members of board of Directors of Grameen Bank to appoint a managing Director of her choice.

While Prime Minister Hasina’s speech talk boldly of justice, equality, democracy, freedom, human rights as the priorities of the time she herself turns the judiciary into a shameless body of farce, she tramples each and every street presence of opposition politics with the worse possible brute force and by playing with the constitution and fair election rules she becomes the most serious threat to democracy since her father killed it 37 years ago. While she professes human rights in her UN speech her forces start a ruthless campaign of forces disappearances and extra judicial killings.

As a nation we are at the grip of a dangerous mad lady. Worse time awaits this nation.