OK let’s compare. I know comparison is not a good thing and living with the past is another bad thing.But lets indulge for a few minutes.

1. Everyone called 2001 – 2006 rule as BNP-Jamaat rule and AL inclined people called it Khaleda Nizami misrule. Even in the middle, they called it Moinuddin Fakhruddin rule. But during this time although it is practically AL-JP Dilip government, now one says so. Even BNP won’t use the term Hasina Ershad government.

2. During 2001-2006 regime, for every wrong-doing or every perceived corruption, there was a face. Mamun and Tarique Zia.

  • 80% of country’s rural electric pole business is controlled and run by Gemcon of AL leader Col Kazi Shahed Ahmed. Finger was pointed at PM’s son as businessman Mamun stepped into the business of electricity pole contract.
  • Some businessman had to bribe few lac taka to a bank for some loan; the blame went to Tarique Zia.
  • Ex finance Minister SAMS Kibria shot and killed by Islamists, blame went to Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia.
  • Fertilizer price skyrocketed in North Bengal, blame to syndicate of Tarique Rahman.
  • 21st August happens under BNP government — it was Tarique Rahman’s evil plans to kill Hasina and eliminate the opposition.
  • Bangla bhai and HUJI continued their terror business, which they started under AL regime by launching attack on Ramna New Year’s program — Khaleda and Tarique got blamed for being behind the attacks.
  • Chhatra dal Gundami — It was Tarique Rahman
  • A foot bridge collapsed in Kushtia, injuring a poor Rickshaw-wallah. It was Tarique who got bribe for the bridge and as a result it collapsed.
    Every single corruption, wrongdoing, mishap in the planet and all the star system around — you name it — Tarique Rahman and Khaleda Nizami government was behind it.
  • High price of essentials: Tarique Rahman’s syndicate.
  • Power shortage: Hawa Bhavan and Tarique Rahman
  • Unsafe roads, river transportation: Tarique Rahman corruption faulty fitness
  • Terror plot: It was work of top level leadership of Government


3. Things have a changed radically under this Hasina II government.


  • Pilkhana happens under AL regime — it was an action of evil quarter to destabilize AL government.
  • Local leaders like Sanaullah Babu, Lokman, and Ibrahim etc get killed. It is either BNP infighting or some BNP gunman doing it.


  • Padma bridge corruption — it was Abul Hossain.
  • Hall-Mark corruption — it is Sonali Bank DMD and that guy Tanvir Mahmud. May be Mudassar Ali.
  • Destiny corruption— it was that corrupt MD of destiny.
  • Share market debacle — it was Salman F Rahman, Mosaddeque Ali Falu and Falu’s partner Lutfur Rahman Badal.
  • Grameen Bank fiasco — it is finance Minister Muhit and Yunus.
  • Chhatra league barbarism— It was hidden jamaatis and BNPs in chhatra league.
  • Rental power plant robbery — it was Faruq Khan’s brother.
  • Hajj-chartered aircraft-Biman corruption — it was Biman management.
  • High Prices of essentials: Some bad businessmen.
  • Power shortage: Malfunctioning rental power plants.
  • Unsafe roads, rivers transportation: Dead Tarique Masud, Mishuk Munier : it is the illiterate bad driver.
  • Terror plot: it was plot to embarrass the government top leadership.

4. While the previous government and the leadership was at the receiving end of all sort of direct crime corruption allegation, no smoking gun is clearly evident to confirm their corruption. But when much clear and well substantiated stories of irregularities against the persons near the top of the government comes out, the editor gets big thrashing by the government and no one else talks about it.

5. It feels like some headless faceless creature is perpetrating all the wrong things in Bangladesh. This thing does not have a face or identity. The halo over the head of the leader of this government gets bright and brighter. People tend to forget that when the halo over the head comes down, it becomes a noose around the neck.