Since PM Hasina’s party came to power, bloodshed by public lynching of opposition activists have become a commonplace thing. Invigorated followers of Prime Minister Hasina have been jumping on and making them bloody lump of meat and bone at the sight of any student belonging to opposition political spectrum. At some point when opposition party supporting students became an extinct species in the campuses, PM’s student forces started practicing bloodshed among themselves. In the universities they are being seen killing each other over booty share, in premier medical college of the country they would through their comrade from 4th floor dorm killing him, in nations’ most prestigious Engineering university they would beat the hell out of the teachers and students for protesting against a Vice Chancellor who also happen to be a political thug. Mrs. Hasina never felt much disturbed at all these anarchy, never ever her heart plunged at the bloodied body of innocent victims.

When elected local government leader of Natore Mr Sanaullah Nur Babu is chopped to death in broad daylight in front of the rolling cameras of national Television, Prime Minister Hasina does not seem moved at all. Rather than rebuking and taking action against her party’s local leaders who are clearly seen killing Mr Sanaullah babu ( a father of three underage girls), she comes out protecting the Killer Zakir and Co.

Much earlier, October 2006, when, responding to her order, her party activists congregate with logi Boitha ( Oars, Paddles and helms) in city center and beat to death activists of opposing political party, she never felt sorry or even artificially expressed any disapproval of such deaths.

When Garment’s sector labor leader Aminul Islam’s tortured, disfigured corpse is found and world media make a big deal out of it, out Prime Minister even did not bother to shed some fake tear for the dead.

When Iliyas Ali disappears and knowing very well the fate of Iliyas Ali, she met Iliyas’s family in cold heart, hug them and them and give them false promise. She did not find anything wrong, immoral or disturbing in it.

When an member of Parliament (MP) kills his political aide in his own car using his own pistol and the blood soaked car and body is found within the premises of national parliament — the nation does not see the Prime Minister rebuking the said MP, rather she is seen sheltering the killer MP.

When the brother of a minister of her cabinet kills a popular elected mayor, who happens to be a member of her own party, prime minister does not feel rebuking anyone. As always she plays the cheer leading role to all these mindless killing, abductions, tortures.


However our prime minister recently looked very upset at the actions of another group of students and shouted out loud rebuke and threatened the persons responsible for this ‘perverse brutal’ action of dire consequences. Students of Bangladesh university of Engineering And technology ( BUET) were protesting the immoral illegal acts of their vice chancellor ( VC). This VC, who undoubtedly is a political thug, caused bloodshed and death of a student in his previous tenure as VC of Khulna University during last Awami league government. After the death of the student, the VC finally fled Khulna, and sent his resignation from Dhaka. Knowing the history that last time it took one student’s blood for this VC to step down, the current BUET students improvised a unique and innovative mode of symbolic protest. They bought sterile syringes, those with the know how, collected couple of CC blood from volunteers and put in a bottle. Then they scattered the blood in front of VC’s office as symbolic protest of blood shed in deamand of resignation of the VC.

It seems our Prime Minister did not like the civilized symbolic protest. She likes actions like those of chopping Sanaullah Nur Babu to death, snake beating of opposition students in University campuses, how she will like this sort of civility?