The intellectual backbone of Ruling Awami League are their activists supporters among Dhaka University Teachers. As a part of serious infighting among these activists professors, the pro VC and treasurer ( #2 and #3 in DU leadership heirarchy) resigned  after conflict with the Vice Chancelor).

The High Judiciary, infamous for their thuggish partisanship, dirty mouth treatment of respected citizens of the country blasted the speaker of the parliament terming him illiterate and accusing him of treason.

Same day, the ruling party menbers in the parliament, including senior most treasury bench mebers, thrashed the judiciary, calling a judge sadist, pervert and demanded his immediate removal.

Another ruling party supporting activist professor of Dhaka University, who is also the chairman of National Human Rights Commission, finally acknowledged and expressed concern at deteriorating law and order situation in the country. ( Although the person responsible for law and order in the country, the home minister Shahara Khatun believes the law and order situation in Bangladesh is better than ever.)

Even the hardcore Awami League supporting journalist leaders started demanding arrest and questioning of their colleague ATN Bangla Chairman mahfuzur rahman who also is a Awami League inner circle media man.

The signature organ of Civil Society, Center for Policy Dialogue ( CPD) another very pro ruling Awami League outlet comes out public with an extremely grim outlook for Bangladesh economy.

And when evey single non treasury politician, analyst, civil society member, economists  criticize rental power plant, the government official in charge of all rental power plants dismisses all criticism of rental power plant as ‘anti-state’ activity.

Anti Corruption Commission, ACC which now a days is called All Clear Committee as all it is recently doing is giving  ‘corruption Free’ clearances to all the ruling party members accused of corruption, suddenly decided to quiz ex Army Chief Harun, who is also a stalwart of Awami League’s 71 chetona brigade.


And while the dreamland of PM Hasina start falling aprt with all this inside hack-jobs and infighting, PM hasina is busy doing this.

And what government is doing to deal with this serious crisis the nation is dealing with? They came to conclusion that banning the use of suit and tie by the offficials will solve all the problems.