How is it that Syed Abul Hossain has not resigned, asks the widow of late Mishuk Munier. I think we know the answer.

Source: Daily Star.

PM stymies Abul’s critics
Takes a swipe at media
February 8, 2011

The prime minister yesterday saved the communications minister from censure of ruling alliance lawmakers over the minister’s letter to the premier against Tofail Ahmed for his recent criticism of the ministry’s performance.

During yesterday’s parliamentary session, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina suddenly took the floor and spoke on the issue in an apparent effort to rein in the attack. While doing so, she also criticised a section of newspapers for, what she claimed, publishing “fake” reports to “malign” dignitaries.

She said she had never seen MPs criticising the press for such reporting. “You should also look for the remedy to this practice,” she said.

Deputy Speaker Col (retd) Shawkat Ali, who was presiding over the sitting, contributed to the premier’s effort by preventing lawmakers from speaking on the content of the letter which annoyed many MPs.

Rashed Khan Menon, chief of Workers Party, a component of AL-led ruling alliance, raised the letter issue and launched a blistering criticism against Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain accusing him of breaching MPs’ constitutional privileges and immunities by sending the complaint to the premier.

The communications ministry had sent the letter to the premier in response to AL lawmaker Tofail Ahmed’s speech in the House last Thursday on the sorry state of roads across the country and delay in some major projects. Lawmakers appreciated Tofail’s speech on that day by thumping desks.

The communications minister later sent the letter to the prime minister highlighting the activities of the ministry and also criticised Tofail for his remarks.

Citing the content of the letter, Menon said it maligned Tofail saying that he (Tofail) made the remarks on the performance of the ministry out of rage and jealously.

Sheikh Hasina, also the leader of the House, then took floor and made a brief statement defending the communications minister.

She said the minister, not the secretary, had sent her the letter. In there the minister gave a synopsis of the ministry’s activities.

“Now the question is how the letter had reached the press before it reached me?” she asked.

After the premier, Tofail Ahmed, Suranjit Sengupta, Abdul Matin Khasru, Hasanul Haq Inu, Mayenuddin Khan Badal, Fazle Rabbi Mia, Abdul Mannan took floor and tried to speak on the issue raised by Menon.

But the deputy speaker did not allow them to do so saying, “The matter has been disposed of after the premier’s speech and I also gave a ruling on it. Please don’t speak further on it.”