Chief Justice ABM Khairul Haque is going on retirement next week.  His retirement will mark the end of, in fellow blogger tacitaerno’s words, a reign of constitutional terror.

With his retirement, Justice Mojammel Hossain will be the new chief justice. Justice Haque could become chief justice and now he is being followed by Justice Mojammel Hossain only because both of them have proven their utmost loyalty to current ruling party and it’s leader. Both of them superseded Justice Shah Nayeem to become chief justices.

Below is a video montage of comments of different sort of legal professionals on the state of Bangladesh judiciary.

Will start with comments of a leading Supreme Court Lawyer Barrister Sara Hossain,

Asif Nazrul, a Professor of Law of Dhaka University, sees judiciary in Bangladesh from a academic point of view.

Barrister Rafiqul Huq is one of the most respected and senior most lawyers of Bangladesh. He has been the lawyer of all three living current and former heads of the state of Bangladesh. Nurul Kabir is an editor of a leading English daily and has widespread reputation of being an uncompromising editor. And this video clip shows how in a national TV they accuse that the Supreme Court Judges gave the verdict to nullify a constitutional amendment on telephone instruction from ruling party high ups.

Dr Kamal Hossain, nation’s legal-judicial icon, expresses his despair about current state of Bangladesh judiciary.

And again law professor Asif Nazrul dissects the mindlessness of the recent annulment of 13th amendment by Justice Khairul Haque led Supreme Court.


When Justice Khairul Haque et el played with constitutional amendments like a toy and appellate division even refused to consider any appeal on a verdict nullifying one of the most important constitutional amendment; most of us kept quiet. When high court toes government line on extremely politically polarizing issues like opposition leader’s eviction and appellate division dismisses appeal without holding any hearing, most of us again remained quiet and some were ecstatic. As a result we are getting these sort of Prof Yunus or 13th amendment verdicts. People like Rafiqul Haque, Kamal Hossain or Sara Hossain make their living within the premises of Bangladesh Supreme Court. Nurul Kabir or Asif Nazrul work from within Bangladesh. If they are able to speak up in this manner on the atrocities of Bangladesh’s ultra-partisan Judiciary, rest of us has no excuse to keep quiet.