The real reason of removal of Professor Muhammad Yunus is very simple.

The Economist did already break the fact in their 2nd March issue with this statement,

“….Sheikh Hasina had long before come to think that she herself was due the prize: not for microcredit-anything but for signing the Chittagong Hill Tracts treaty, also in 1997, which brought an end to almost two decades of fighting. Egged on by sycophants, she sent senior civil servants around the world to lobby for her nomination, unsuccessfully. Instead, suddenly, Mr Yunus had become by far the most famous Bangladeshi in the world, usurping even the prime minister’s late father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who led the country to Independence in 1971. According to those who know her personally, this was a bitter pill for Sheikh Hasina to swallow.”

The only missing link in this news by Economist is that there was no independent confirmation of the fact by any spokesperson of the government or the Prime Minister. That confirmation was obtained by the press today. In a press conference following the High Court verdict regarding the removal of Dr Yunus, the Attorney General, lead lawyer of the state, asserted that,

“…Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and adivasi leader Santu Larma should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for their contribution in establishing peace in the hills.”

Even without all these press reports, an overwhelming majority of Bangladeshis knew it very clearly that the prime reason behind these shameful handling of Dr Yunus by the government is Prime Minister’s jealousy and inability to tolerate any other Bangladeshi, except herself and her deceased father, held in high esteem by the populace. People of Bangladesh know all along that this is all about jealousy/ Hingsha and vandetta. Even the LA Times eluded to this theory of ‘Hinghsha’…