Amago Bhai er Harvard degree asey — have you heard this line of argument from the Awami cheerleaders?  Not yet?  Don’t worry, you will.  And when you do, remember that Saif we’ll-crush-al Qaeda-backed-junkies Qaddafi received a PhD from London School of Economics.

Here is Mr Qaddafi’s thesis.  This is the abstract:

The thesis explains and adopts three philosophical foundations in support of the argument. The first is liberal individualism; the thesis argues that there are strong motivations for free individuals to seek fair terms of cooperation within the necessary constraints of being members of a global society. Drawing on the works of David Hume, John Rawls and Ned McClennen, it elaborates significant self-interested and moral motives that prompt individuals to seek cooperation on fair terms if they expect others to do so. Secondly, it supports a theory of global justice, rejecting the limits of Rawls’s view of international justice based on what he calls ‘peoples’ rather than persons. Thirdly, the thesis adopts and applies David Held’s eight cosmopolitan principles to support the concept and specific structures of ‘Collective Management’.

I haven’t read Hume and Rawls for a while, but I am sure if I looked hard enough I could come up with justifications for mass murder in their work.

Our own Prince, Sajeeb Ahmed Digital Bangladesher probokta Wajed Joy, has a mere masters degree from Kennedy School.  But still, his intellectual output is nothing to scoff at.  Better bloggers than me have written approvingly of the great mind of Tungipara-Rangpur-Virginia here, here, here and here.

Amago Bhai er Harvard degree asey, if you don’t appreciate it, it’s because you’re too dumb — remember this post when you hear the Joy Joy chants.