These photos taken from national dailies ‘The Daily Star’ and ‘Daily prothom Alo’ show how a big chunk of Bangladesh erupted against the government.

Man- women, young-old all came out on the street with whatever weapon they may have had…

In front of collective people power, the powerful government machinery looked totally helpless, powerless.

These people, rural farmers and fishermen came out protesting to protect their ancestral households, farm lands and fishing fields from being taken away by the government to build an massive airport to commemorate Prime Minister’s father.

While everyone in this country starting from the prime minister to the intellectual laureate to the street sweeper advise the opposition to save Bangladesh by joining parliament, a discussion of the above mayhem was not allowed to be discussed in the parliament. Even an independent MPs attempts to raise the issue was expunged by the speaker at government’s behest citing that the issue was irrelevant.