BNP is back.  Even Zafar Sobhan or Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury admits it.  I am hopeful even Mozammel Babu won’t deny it. 

It didn’t need to be this way.  AL tried everything to derail BNP.  Throw Begum Zia out of the cantonment house, use SQC as a bait, not to mention the countrywide repression of BNP rank and file.  The idea was to force BNP into an andolon that could be billed as supportive of war criminals and militants, and then let loose the dogs of war Bakshali Lal Ghora.

Zindabad to those people who worked hard to keep BNP on course. 

Zindabad to Khondoker Delwar Hossain.  He is not the right face for the party in this digital age.  But he has kept the radicals and hot heads under control, and constantly counselled Begum Zia on rebuilding the party with those who remained loyal during 1/11.

Zindabad to Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.  Not only is he an articulate person who can present the party aptly in a hostile media environment, over the past year he has been slowly but steadily rebuilding the party from the ground up.

Zindabad to Moudud Ahmed, Shamser Mubin Chowdhury and MK Anwar.  Yes, one has a weasely reputation and the others are boring as test cricket.  But they have been instrumental in BNP avoiding the obvious traps set by AL, and are working towards creating BNP’s future governing platform.

Zindabad to Mahbubuddin Khokon, Shaheeduddin Chowdhury Annie and Jainal Abedin Farooqe — young parliamentarians who will make the front bench when BNP returns to power.

Zindabad to the Zindagoods.