Results Published oline as of 3 AM BD Time, 4PAM US Eastern Time, 9 PM GMT

The Daily Star

Out of the 72 mayoral posts,

BNP 33

Awami League (AL)  18

Jamaat-e-Islami 5.

Rebel candidates affiliated with AL got 6

BNP affiliated rebels got 3.

Jatiya Party 1,

Independents 6

All 72 local Government results are available:

BNP 32

Awami League 19

Independent: 5,

Jamaat 5

JP 1


65 of 72 available

BNP 31

Awami League 16

Independent 6

Jamaat 5

JP 1

Daily Prothom Alo website:

BNP 22

Awami League 16

Jamaat 5

Independent 3

JP 2


Although one should not see too much political tide in the non partisan local government election, it is impossible to ignore the following facts

1. In 2008 election; BNP and it’s allies lost all seats in these two divisions except five Bogra seats and One SirajGanj seat of Mrs. Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku.

2. Rangpur Division was supposed to be JP stronghold. So, crushing defeat of  of JP affiliated candidates in local governmnet election may herald the demise of Ershad’s clout in that area. And these results may put Ershad in a tough spot during bargaining for seat sharing during next Parliament elections.

3. Jamaat’s winning of 5 City Councils should not be very surprising. Jamaat always did good in local governmnet elections in border towns of North Bengal. 

4. Victory of BNP affiliated candidates in more than half of total City Councils may be unexpected to many observers. Although BNP’s support base was good in Rajshahi division, BNP even did not have the bare minimal support in Rangpur divisions. The competitions used to be either between AL-Jamaat, Jamaat-JP or Jamaat-AL. Suddenly a lot of BNP affiliated leaders won significant amount of vote in former Ershad stronghold city councils.  

Now lets see what happens tomorrow. Barisal and Khulna Division local government election will take place this day.