… everyone will be happy.  The government will be happy because they won’t have to prove anything, hold any trial, meet any international standard, answer to annoying human rights activisists foreigners.  The war crimes trial movement will be happy — they will celebrate the death of a hated enemy.  His rivals in Chittagong BNP will be happy.  BNP leadership will be happy — he has a large following, and a massive funeral will be quite a showdown. 

Rumi is a doctor.  He can tell us the odds of a 63 years old with three previous heart attacks and has several cardiac stents suffering a fatal attack under these conditions

What did you say?  Fair trial?  That’s so passe man, Shahrier Kabir told the Economist: We should set our own standards.

Death in custody is our standard.  What’s so unfair about that? 

Peace will reign in deezeetaal Bangladesh when he is dead.