There is plenty of schadenfreude going around with the l’affaire Yunus.  For most, it’s the crab mentality that Rumi  joked about.  For me, it was the prospect of seeing the susheel types of Prothom Alo / Daily Star (and their next generation epitomised by the folks at Unheard Voice) having to choose between the ‘champion of democracy’ and the good professor.  When Hasina calls Khaleda names, no one cares.  When Hasina calls Yunus names, these folks become uncomfortable.  I mean, think about the embarrassment of having to tell the champion of democracy to tone things down a bit.

Take the recent Daily Star article by Prof Rehman Sobhan, reposted here.  Professor sahib writes over 2,000 words, lot’s of dhanai panai  nuanced analysis, with some light words strong admonishment:

The no less pertinent issue which has emerged from this incident is the extraordinary reaction in some sections of the media and society. Rather than first seeking clarification and response from Grameen Bank as to the validity of the TV programme, some sections of the media and society pounced on it with unseemly enthusiasm, using it as an opportunity to cite wrongdoing in a widely respected organisation.

Say what?  Some sections of the media and society?  Who are these sections of the media and society?  Is the Professor too embarrassed to tell us that the section of the media that ‘pounced with unseemly unthusiasm’ is owned by Salman F Rahman?  Is he unaware of this man’s connections with the Awami League?  Does he not know how this man has benefitted from the government of din bodol

Maybe Prof Sobhan doesn’t know about those.  But surely he knows that his dear Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina too pounced with unseemly enthusiasm, unless he thinks calling the country’s only Nobel winner a leech is fit for a Prime Minister.

So, was Prof Sobhan embarrassed?  Or was he afraid of crossing the Prime Minister?  And if Prof Sobhan was afraid, then I won’t embarrass the UV bloggers for being gutless in their criticism of the current power dispensation.  After all, jaan bachano faraz.

Embarrassed or afraid, I do feel like gloating at the plight of the susheels, senior and junior.  Karma is a bitch.