Upon becoming the president after three years of post-liberation chaos, the 1974 famine, 8 months of Bakshal fascism, and the 15 August massacre, Khondoker Mushtaq Ahmed promised a lot of things: prompt return to democracy with a free and fair election, economic stability, end to corruption, you know, all the stuff every politician and their qurbani cow promises.  Mushtaq was in Bangabhaban for some 83 days.  In that time, he made one change of national import.  He gave us a national dress.

Yes, it was discussed in the Cabinet that the then national dress of penguin Mujib Coat didn’t represent our national character, and we needed something that involved a Sherwani and a cap as our national dress.

Thirty five years later, Awami League is once again in office.  There is high inflation, electricity shortage, poor law and order, you know, all the stuff every politician and their qurbani cow promises to fix before the election, but somehow never deliver.  On top of that, questionable treaties are being signed with India.  And oh, just to add a bit of 1970s retro, the opposition is being cracked down on.  While all this goes on, what does the cabinet of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina do?

Why, in true Mushtaqian fashion, it decides we need a national tree.

Dear reader, now that we have a national tree, rest assured all the problems will be solved, and we will have a digital shonar Bangla before long.  Any reader who disagrees with this assessment is clearly a sympathiser of war criminals and belongs to the anti-liberation forces.