BNP observes November 7 as a national day and a rally is held in Dhaka annually by BNP to commemorate the event.  As usual, BNP has been planning on the event for quite a long time. Today it was revealed that BNP was not allowed hold the rally in the two main public meeting places in Dhaka. After not getting permission for Paltan and Muktangan, BNP decided to hold it’s rally in  the limited space in front of it’s office.

However in the same newspapers that published this news, also published were reports and photos of  a grand rally  that took place in Muktangan today.  Here is a photo of the grand rally…

While the government talks about secularism and banning of religion based politics, in practicality it prefers the religion based Taliban themed political outfits over the main opposition party.  Refusing main opposition permission to hold rally in Muktangan, the site of the above rally of today, is an evidence of the double standard of this government.