Yes, this is our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh.  And this is the video footage …

I did not want to post this gruesome video in this blog. This video shows how an elected representative of people, a local government leader, Upazilla Chairman ( representing the people of one of total 460 Upazilla in Bangladesh), Mr Sanaullah Noor ( Nickname Babu), was chopped to death.

The event developed in this way. A mid-level opposition leader was supposed to visit the specific upazilla and this Upazilla Chairman, belonging to the opposition party, brought out a welcome procession with 15-20 of his supporters in the main thoroughfare of the Upazilla. Suddenly, in broad daylight, in front of thousands of onlookers and dozens of jurnalists, few dozens of activists of ruling party, armed with hatchets, axes, sticks, knives attacked the  procession led by Mr Noor. As the procession dispersed under attack the attackers converged on the leader, Mr. Noor. As shown in this video, the attackers kept on beating Mr Noor, even when he was down in the street, bleeding profusely and begging for life. Some of teh attackers took knives to cut the arteries at both arms and the tendons of both legs.

The group was led by Mr Zakir Hossain ( fade jeans, light shirt with a stick at hand), a leader of Awami League local chapter. At some point he is seen chasing a journalist attempting to take photos of the killing. nearly a dozen of journalists were brutally beaten during this event and some are still in hospital with grievous injuries.


As the video was showed in national media and after a firestorm of emotional outburst, some top leader of ruling party promised that those killers, who were identified in the video will be brought to justice.One of the assailants were arrested.

However the table turned very quickly. Local member of Parliament, Mr. Abdul Quddus, who belongs to the ruling party met the Prime Minister and Prime Minister made some remarks that suggests that those who were seen chopping Mr Noor to death were not the killers. Our PM preempted even the primary police inquiry by stating that Mr Nun was killed by his party infighting. Innocent Awami League leaders were being named in the murder only to score politically.  As a result of PM’s assertion, the law enforcement agencies stopped investigating the killing, or searching for the killers. Even the emboldened local ruling party leaders led by the local MP and the killing group leader,  Mr Zakir, in  a public meeting, openly threatened the police not to arrest those named in the case.

As a result of our prime Minister’s patronization of the killers, two weeks have passed since the killing and main perpetrators are roaming free. No investigation has started by police.

When this video was being shows in a press conference, the wife and three daughters of the victim, Mr Babu, was sitting there. The little one was shaking with the scene of every single hatchet chopping on her father. The other two, both teenagers, neither could look at nor could look away. The young wife, struggling to control tears, was having difficulty to finish reading a written statement.

After looking at the photo of the young widow and her three underage daughters and also looking at the TV footage of smiling oily faced PM’s public statement claiming the innocence of the main killer Zakir Hossain, I change my mind about posting the video. Also here is a still photo showing the main killer who our PM is trying to save.

Sanaullah Babu's Murder


Since the killing took place two weeks ago, and while  video/ photo identification is publicly available; number of arrested = 1

Two days later angry mob burnt several train bogies for killing five of their comrades attending a political meeting. Total number of arrested= 80.

[Few hundred more are hiding, being relentlessly pursued by police.  Every single day reports are being published about arrests made in Sirajganj train vandalism case.]

Few days earlier two group of opposition activists clashed each other in different part of Bangladesh. A group of masked men publicly displayed weapons. Number masked men identified and arrested= 22.

Two groups of ruling party activists fought each other publicly in Rajshahi and Rangpur, live rounds of ammunition were used.  Number of arrested= 0

Ruling party student activists chopped each other and threw from dorm roof. Number of arrested= 0.

A group of ruling party supporting Dhaka Medical College doctors throw and kill their opponent   doctor in same party from 4th floor. Number of Arrested= 0.

This is prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh.